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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Important Announcements

New Packing with new Name while  formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous.

Now get valuable books and medicines from Ubqari at your doorstep throughout the Pakistan. Just call on below number and advise your shipping address. 

Those ladies and gentlemen who want to stay in Tasbeeh Khana during weekly Dars on Thursday or Spiritual Glow for The Great Name of Allah or for Annual Spiritual Congregation are requested to bring their bedding for themselves as per the weather.

Hazrat Hakeem Sb Damat Barakatahum is quite concerned about the preservation of the national legacy and heritage. He intends to develop a building based on Mughal style. All those who love to protect their national heritage and legacy are requested to help us and send us drawing for a building to be built on around two canal land.

Note: we will also appreciate if some recently developed building or house will be pointed out. The picture or drawing for the same will work.

Looking forward to your kind support.

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Dear Readers! I am always obliged to you when you share your experiences and observations. Should you know any spiritual, medical or any other tip, please share it with us. It will prove as a lasting reward for you and an unending favour upon us. The editor will wait for your response. You have always been so generous and helpful to share your own tips as well as proven experiences of others. Please would you share them at the following email address:
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What we achieved after getting Ubqari

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If you had a chance to try the prayers, recitation and other medical tips mentioned in Hakeem Sahib’s lecture, magazine and books or you heard them from others, then please would you share them detailing the incidences, experiences and observations. Your writings may bring an unending goodness for millions and billions of people. Please remember that when you would try to heal someone else’s grievances and worries then your own grievances and worries would also be eliminated even without asking from the Allah Almighty.

Note: if you have already shared your experiences then please share them again as we have lost some of our data by mistake.

Special Note: Please use the following email to share your tips and achievements that you got after getting attached to Ubqari and the goodness that it brought to your life. This email address must only be used for this purpose and never to be used to share your personal worries and problems.

The email address is : [email protected]

UBQARI Trust Account Number: Pk 30MEZN000 219-0101-089043 UBQARI TRUST Current Account Meezan Bank Ltd. Qurtaba Chowk Branch Lahore Pakistan.

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 Rectification of a misunderstanding which was affiliated with a great person but was not true

(Abu Abdullah,Karachi)


I came across “Two Priceless Treasure” 6 year back from the book “Momin Ka Har Mahina Rabiulawal Hai” by Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi Noor Allah Marqada, published by Bait Ul Kutab Gulshan Iqbal Block no. 2. Since then Priceless Treasure no.1 is in my routine and I am getting a lot of benefit from it due to which it will be my routine for life. After reading few more books I came to know that this Two Priceless Treasure is not written by Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi Noor Allah Marqada infact it is a compilation of Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Maajzobi Chugtai(D.B). Then I inquired owner of Bait Ul Kutab that if these Two Priceless Treasure belongs to Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Maajzobi Chugtai(D.B) then why you published it with the reference of  Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi (R.A)?     

In answer he said that Dr. Abdul Hamid Sahib who is owner of the building of Safah Soweer School his wife gave me “Two Priceless Treasure” she got it from Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi (R.A) when I asked him about her contact number he refused. Then I contacted owner of Arfi Jewelers Mumtaz Arfi Sahib who is near to  Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi Noor Allah Marqada, his shop is in Haidri Karachi but at that day he was not at his shop but due to old relation, his younger brother called him and gave me chance to talk to him but Mumtaz Arfi Sahib said I have never seen or heard of such act from Hazrat, then I asked about the contact number of wife of Late Dr. Abdul Hameed  but also dint have it. But after few days on my request Mr. Mumtaz Arfi sent me contact number of Hazrat Hassan Sahib Madzila elder son of Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi Noor Allah Marqada.

Same day that was Sunday I called him at least 10 times after Asar Prayer, but he was unable to attend my call because there was reform council going on at his home which is located in block F Nazimabad Karachi, I realized it later otherwise I would never ever had dared to call him at that time. I dint lose hope and same day I offerd Magrib prayer in Surjani Town North Karachi and went to my friend’s brother’s home (Mamnoon Hassan) in North Nazimabad Block D from there i accompanied him because he was familiar with home of Hazrat Dr. Sahib.

There I explained information about “Two Priceless Treasure” to Hazrat Hassan Sahib Madzila who is elder son of Dr.Abdul Hai R.A. After listening carefully he said that according to my knowledge there is no such Amal of  Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi R.A, further he said if you want to do more investigation then buy “monthly Albalagh” arfi number of Darul Aloom Karachi from any book store and read its first essay which is mine (Hazrat Hassan Sahib d.b) in which he has published daily cases of his father Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi Noor Allah Marqada. You can read it and you will not find any such Amal such as “Two Priceless Treasure”. According to Hazrat Hassan Sahib who so ever has attached name of Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi R.A with “Two Priceless Treasure” has done it just to polish his business; there is no other reason.

Then I read another book “Taraqi Rizq o Hall Mushkilat” written by Moulana Muhab Allah Qasmi d.b who himself is a writer and aamil. In that book too I found “Two Priceless Treasure” with reference of Hazrat Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi R.A. I called him and inquired. He replied that he took this from the book “Momin Ka Har Lamha Rabiul Awal” written by Dr.Abdul Hai Arfi R.A. He was astonished when I told that this amal is of Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzobi Chugtai d.b. Then I gave him more references of publisher in which top of the list was  Khatija Tul Kubra Urdu Bazar Karachi which is owned by Hazrat Molana Shafiq Bastwi Sahib d.b, the successor of Hakeem Akhtar Sahin R.A. that this organization has also published “Two Priceless Treasure” and author name written is Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Majzobi Chugtai d.b. He apologized and expressed his intention of discontinuing from then on. In the end, I request all such organizations not to falsely relate things to Allah’s people. By doing so, you are misleading people and it is an extreme betrayal. It is the biggest sin. Whatever is done, one should be sorry on it and next time while publishing it, write an apology for public, even if it is done by mistake. This matter is not related to this mortal world; in fact it is the matter of our grave and Day of Judgment, then all will be answerable to ALLAH in His court for each and every deed. We will be saved from the opprobriousness of that day only by the grace of Allah otherwise we are not deserving.


Read the monthly Ubqari and spread it to your loved ones every month as much as you can. There are numerous instances where people have distributed the monthly Ubqari magazine and their problems were solved in a sheer amazing way. Now it is your turn to try it and get rid of all your worries.



To find an everlasting reward for yourself till the day of judgement


Volunteer your internet skills to get an everlasting reward by spreading the invitation to noble deeds and a message of peace. We need people who could assist in internet, English, Urdu translation and transcribing Hazrat’s sermons. All existing and new volunteers are kindly requested to submit the following form (Click the link):................


Hazrat Hakeem Sahib (Damat Barakatuhum) has a great zeal to collect the antiques and heritage items. We request our devout readers who possess any antique items to bring them to the Tasbih Khana with an intention of gifting to Hadhrat Hakeem Sahib and get blessed with his priceless prayers. You can bring books(non-academic), pottery, old mosaic doors, windows, shades, arms(old and obsolete) and items of wood, copper, bronze or leather or anything which you consider as obsolete, old electronic appliances, coins of any age, bricks and tiles. You can also donate any cultural heritage item or anything used by the prominent spiritual and famous celebrities. Bundles of thanks from Ubqari.

Hadhrat Allama Lahooti revealed the significance of Mauti Masjid for good deeds and worship rather than for any worldly benefit or cheating. It has come to our knowledge that there are some imposters, both men and women, who pretend to be the representative of Hadhrat Hakeem Sahib and are involved in cheating the innocent and vulnerable visitors. Please beware of such cheats. If you find any such fraudster, please inform Ubqari immediately. Please spread this message to as far as you can so that no one be defrauded due to these imposters.

There is a huge demand of Ubqari recitations, tips of getting rid from domestic problems and the weekly sermon of Hadhrat Hakeem Sahib (Damat Baraktuhum) in Turkey. We request all of our sincere and knowledgeable readers to respond immediately to their demand by translating these in Turkish and earn a magnificent and everlasting reward.

For contact, [email protected]

The number of people desiring to meet Hadhrat Hakeem Sahib (Damat Barakatuhum) is immensely increasing day by day and thousands of people submit their requests every day. Due to extremely tight schedule of Hadhrat Hakeem Sahib, it is not possible to meet everyone. Initially a waiting time was of at least six months was introduced which was then reduced to three months and now it has been brought down to just over a month and this sequence is followed very strictly. We have received complaints that the people continue calling all day long but they always find the telephone line as busy although the appointment administrator is taking calls without any pause. Just imagine how difficult it is to deal with the calls coming from across the world and the system becomes so busy that it appears to be inaccessible although we are taking calls without any disruptions. The successful callers become content that finally, they succeeded in getting the appointment but the unlucky people who could not get their calls connected become so angry that they develop misunderstandings in their minds and start swearing and alleging the administration. It is a fact that the appointments are always given on a just and fair basis without any prejudice. We are fully aware of the trouble and the inconvenience caused by it and we are working day and night to facilitate as many visitors as possible but it is beyond our control to satisfy and entertain each and every one. We hope that considering our limitations and our efforts to improve the system, you will bear patience and would cooperate with us as much as you can. We also request those who are lucky enough to get an appointment to avoid calling us repeatedly as it results in the breach of others’ rights.

What should you do after bearing allegiance (Bai’ah) from Tasbih Khana?

After you have confirmed allegiance in Silsila Qadriya Hajveria through Hazrat Hakeem Sahib you should do the following:

  1. A continuous reading of the selected Hadiths.
  2. Adopt a routine of reciting Shajara-e-tayyabah and Adab-e-Marfat
  3. Be fair in your everyday dealings and adopt the clean practices
  4. Watch out for the Halal/Haraam dealings and be extremely careful about them
  5. Be kind to your family and have excellent relationships with your wives, parents and siblings
  6. If you have unpleasantness towards anyone then try to mend the fences
  7. There must not be any hatred for even the filthiest person including infidels and idolaters rather you should have a feeling of doing goodness to them and yearning for their guidance.
  8. Keep in contact with your shaykh and write to him every fortnight or monthly about your recitations and spiritual experiences and especially about those practices which you could not do. Indeed the most benefitted would be he who would always think good about the shaykh and keep a firm belief about him.
  9. It is essential to listen to weekly sermons after Bai’ah. It serves as a contact between the shaykh and his disciples and you can listen to it in any way through internet, CDs or memory cards and spread them to others.

May Allah bless all of us with His Pleasure and give us Taufeeq to adopt the Sunnah day and night. (Amen)

Halqa Kashaf-ul-Mahjoob is available in memory card from Monthly UBQARI Lahore Office

Do not let go of the best opportunity of Sadaqah-e-Jariah

The situations and incidences present in the popular series ‘Jinnaat Ka Paidaishi Dost’ is beyond human imagination. There is nothing new under the sun. Prior to this, strange incidents have happened with special beings such as Sahaba , Ahle-e-Bait , Tabiun , Tiba’a Tabiun , Awliya Allah and they will keep happening. We wish the readers to also have a complete share in this popular and spiritual series. Surely, if you want and have come across anything through any dervish, internet, books, journals or magazines, then send it to us right away and we shall be much grateful. It includes meetings with Hazrat Khizar A.S., Tayy al-Arḍ (Thaumaturgical teleportation), Tayy al-Waqt (reciting more in less time), revelations, real meetings with mysterious jinnaats, presence in the world of jinnaats, incidences of attending their gatherings; these are all true realities proved by the lives of Ahl-e-Allah. If you have found such events from any Ahl-e-Allah’s life or if they have come in your observation, then write it to us. Besides this, another topic is ‘matters of spirituality and meeting the jinnaats under modern scientific research’; if you have come across any story regarding the jinnaat with reference to scientific research, then post it to us with complete reference. We shall be waiting for your gift. [Ubqari]

It is widely misunderstood that all sms coming from 40404 are from Ubqari, However 40404 is a shared service that is used by all of your subscribed organisations/ people thru twitter. Therefore any sms coming from 40404 without the name of Ubqari in the begining is not from Ubqari. And from someone else you are following. Kindly do not associate any other messages to Ubqari.

Ubqari Khidmat Registered is another selfless step from the Ubqari Institute. For long Ubqari Institute has been serving the humanity for their physical and spiritual sufferings. Along with it, we had been re distributing the goods and funds sent to Ubqari Institute to the under privileged. We used to receive all sorts of household items from used furniture, utensils, blankets, quilts, clothing and shoes and a lot more. All of them were distributed among the poor, in the far cities of Pakistan, where poverty had no limits. And people live without proper necessities of life. So do not throw away your household used items, instead send those to Ubqari Khidmat Registered in a clean and pleasing appearance for further use by someone deserving. You can send your goods via courier to Ubqari Institute Address in Lahore, Pakistan.
Those who choose to send funds to Ubqari Khidmat Registered,kindly send them to Ubqari Office Lahore, Pakistan. International contributors should send their funds to the Ubqari office through their relatives or friends in Lahore, Pakistan  or through western union as well. And kindly specify the nature of funds

  1. Sadqa (Chairty)
  2. Zakat (Alms, Obligatory Charity)
  3. Hadya (Gift) to the Khidmat

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CONTACT: 0092-42-37425803, 0092-42-37425802, 0092-42-37425801

The nature of funds whether Zakat (obligatory charity, alms) or Sadqa/Khairat (optional charity) is required,  as both of them have separate rules; of who is the deserving for the given type of fund in the Sharia of AnHazoor (SAW), the Prophet (PBUH). Thus, you would be free from your obligation once the fund is with us; instead we would be responsible to distribute the right amount to the right person who deserves it as per Sharia (rule) of the Prophet (PBUH).

Ubqari Khidmat Registration Number: RP/6237/L/S/10/1534.