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How I Came Across ‘The Priceless Treasure

Ubqari Magazine - September 2013

Extract from weekly preaching’s

By sheikh ul wazaif hakim tariq majzoobi chughjtai 

Call of Tasbeeh khana: By the grace of God it is the agenda of tasbeeh khana and voice of it that when we will follow the deeds of Prophet Muhammad PBUH then our life and hereafter will be corrected. We will come out of failures and follow the path to success. Circumstances have told us; situations have taught us that there are thousands of such observations. I was reading my mail as usual and this thing came to my mind that if 100 people read ubqari then only a quarter of half of it write for it. Many people don’t write but for those who do write, I am astonished to read that such humanity is benefitting. That’s why the crowd is increasing every day in tasbeeh khana. We get dozens of mails in which people’s view and expressions are written which makes it evident that in today’s world where people of God have shortcomings and mistakes are present according to different traits and personalities. In spite of that, we are benefitting people not from money but from good procedures that bring us close to Allah. So how will people of God not benefit.

The advantages of revelation (wahi): Revelation is revelation after all. Its advantages will remain with us till the Day of Judgment. How can its benefits be vanished. But yes! If we lose the blessings and advantages of it due to our sins then it is our bad luck and misfortune. But the blessings of wahi are obvious to us. Quran is wahi and the sayings of Prophet are wahi .Quran says that MY Prophet PBUH doesn’t speak till he is indicated with wehi.

وَمَایَنْطِقُ عَنِ الْھَوٰی اِنْ ھُوَاِلاَّ وَحْیٌ یُّوْ حٰی - النجم 3،4

Prophet Muhammad PBUH doesn’t speak till GOD Almighty blesses him with Wehi. That’s why Prophets PBUH anger is also truth and His kindness is also truth; Love for Him is also truth; His saying is also truth; His dreams are also truth and His viewings also Truth. Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH every portion of life is also truth and clearly evident. That’s why only that life will succeed which will be according to the sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and whoever will direct his life according to the Will of God will be successful. In today’s world where science predicts the future and their predictions fail. There the sayings of God almighty and sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH enlightens and keeps on showing that behold you said it will be like this in the future and it wasn’t. Come on our path; the right path. Disappointed people, tense people, tense from life, pessimist about life - when they follow the path to God then Allah shows by doing it. God says look! it is the way.

ANMOL KHAZANA: In 1984 I got a treasure in the form of ANMOL KHAZANA from my spiritual guide Hazarat Khawaja Syed Muhammad Abdullah Hajveri (RA) which I named ANMOL KHAZANA. My spiritual guide always used to emphasize to recite it after every prayer. Once I said Hazrat! It has so many advantages as if it is a treasure. Instantly Hazrat (RA) said excellent! It is a brilliant name. Then the conversation moved on to some other topic. I thought when hazrat had said that it is a brilliant name then why shouldn’t I name it like that. ANMOL KHAZANA has five verses from the Quran; one is the prayer of my beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Believe me! It has so much power and effect in it that you can’t believe. . By the grace of God, I have been reciting it 1984 and I have been also a source of recitation for alot of people. The people of God have benefitted from it and their problems have been solved. Allah has told from his uncountable blessings and power that O people if you want to solve the problems of today’ s life then there is no other path than the path to God. The things in which God has kept blessings you should adopt them and keep them dear and near to yourself. Then the ways to progress and success will start to open and time has told us that if God has kept any success in life, it is in good deeds. I have never met a person who recited ANMOL KHAZANA with complete devotion and dedication and didn’t succeed in life. Allah turned impossible into possible I can’t recall any such person who dint gain. Let me tell you that all the recitation and deeds that I tell you, I receive the most experiences, incidences, observations, power and impact of ANMOL KHAZANA

Long time back we traveled beyond Ghotki, Sindh. Then we walked and reached a village. There the water was bitter. It was saline and barren everywhere. We reached a place and there was a very poor and under privileged man. By the twist of fate, we became his guest. He didn’t have food in his own house and we were 3 people. When I saw his circumstances, I said this is not right. My friend told me the man’s circumstances. There was poverty and shortage in his house how could he attend us? Anyways whatever he had, he kept it in front of us. We ate with a lot of hesitation thinking wondering whether anything was left for his children. There was too much scarcity in his house. (To be continued…)

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