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Very beneficial remedies for all the stomach diseases

Ubqari Magazine - November 2018

Respected Hakeem Sahib Aslamalaikum! I started to write for Ubqari Magazine the same time when I started to read it. ALHAMDOLILAH my experiences and observations are being published in the Ubqari Magazine time to time and I hope that the readers will be getting benefits from it. I have some more medical secrets that will be beneficial and again and again will be beneficial.

For all the diseases of stomach:

sounf, coriander, cumin, pomegranate seeds 50 grams each, black salt 25 grams, sat limu 1 tola, rock sugar 1 kg, grind them separately and mix them. Take half spoon after food, its beneficial for all stomach diseases.

Remedy No 2: back paper 3 tolla, hira hang persion 2 tollas, saat mint 3 tollas, grind and mix them and make tablets equal to black paper size. Use 1 tablet after every 12 hours with milk.

Useful for non-treatable diseases:

Desi carom, sang dana chicken, hang mustagi rumi, big cardamom, small cardamom, rose leaves take in equal weight after grinding them mix with equal weight of psyllium seed husk and save it. Use one or half small spoon of these two or three times daily. Before or after eating food use it with water for a few weeks.

Beneficial for all the stomach diseases:

grind sugar 1 Kg, baking soda 1 chtank, sat mint 1 tolla, mix sugar and baking soda and mix sat mint in it, grind them very well so that sugar, baking soda and sat mint are mixed. Save them in any air tight box or bottle. Take half spoon after food daily with water. It is beneficial for the stomach diseases.

For Tummy worms:

3 masha salt, take it everyday morning with cow chach, it will kill the tummy worms in few days. For kids 1 masha is enough.

Tummy is filled with air:

For those people whose tummy is filled with air and they get blotted tummy only the person who has gone through such pain can understand it. For such cases give him grinded turmeric 10 ratti and salt 10 ratti mixed with warm water. This will release the air from his belly. After using it for some days will remove the digestion problem as well.

Lack of Hunger:

If you feel less hungry then drink the juice of green coriander around 2 tollas daily. In three days you will start to feel hungry again.

For vomit:

If vomiting is not stopping than squize the green coriander’s water and drink after some intervals, your vomiting will stop.

For loose motions:

Grind the dry coriander and give 6 masha with chash or water 6 times in a day. It will stop the loose motions.

For loose motions with blood:

ھوالشافی :cow butter 3 tollas, sugar 1 tolla, pure honey 1 tolla mix it, lick this will stop the blood motions.

Treatment of Fischola:

Barg Alkane 20 Grams, black seeds 20 grams, olive oil 100 grams mix these three items and put them in a container to cook. When all things are cooked than stain them. Drink 1 tea spoon in the morning and evening with 1 glass of hot milk; apply this oil on the effected surface as well.

For indigestion:

For those people whose stomach cannot keep the food for long and its released by passing the stool in a very short time, for such people coriander 5 tollas, black paper 2 tollas, grinded salt 2 tollas, take 3 masha after eating.

Digestive Choran:

It strengthens the digestive system; strengthen the stomach, very useful for belch and abdomen pain. Take sund and carom seed as per your requirement put them into ginger water so that they dip into it. Dry them under the shade and grind them, mix with some salt to save them for longer time. Give both times 4 ratti or 1 masha with water.

For Vomiting:

if you drink the water of ginger and onion mixed, it will stop vomiting, squeeze raw apple and drink it with some salt, it will stop vomit.

Belly Worms: if you drink half glass of carrot juice everyday it will drain the worms from your belly.

For all the stomach related problems:

ھو الشافی: one pao pomegranate seeds, sondh 1 paow, mint one paow, grind all the things and make powder. Dose: use one spoon in the morning and evening with water.

Remedy for Constipation:

Hang original one tolla, musabar three tolla, mix them and make small tablets with water. Use one tablet with milk in the night time.

Stomach problem and Nabwi  ﷺtreatment:

one man came to the prophet ﷺ and complained about his brother’s stomach ache (in one narration, he complained about loose motions), Nabi ﷺ told him to give his brother honey, this person gave honey to his brother, he told Nabi ﷺ that he gave his brother honey but the loose motions problem has increase, Nabi ﷺ told him 3 times to give honey to his brother, this person came the fourth time and complained about his brother’s condition, Nabi ﷺ told him to give honey to his brother, he said I have given honey to my brother but there is no cure, Nabi ﷺ said ALLAH is true but your brother’s tummy is a liar, this person again gave honey to his brother and he became healthy. (Bukhari and Muslim), for different stomach problems use psyllium seed husk one spoon with water for seven days at least, two or three times in a day (Hakeem Farooq, Sanawan Muzarargarh)

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