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Milk Jaleebi and Choice of Editor Ubqari

Ubqari Magazine - Ubqari Magazine January 2019

Readers! I bring true pearl of stories and never hide anything from you. You should also become open heart and share your stories with Ubqari. (Editor: Sheikhul Wazaif Hazrat Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chugtai)

Readers! Believe me I am going to tell you such a secret of life which you can obtained as a final decision of your life. The secret is that you buy jaleebis from market and mix it in pure warm milk, soak it for whole night and in the morning eat it spoon by spoon in the breakfast.

I was very small and my age approximately was 8 to 10 years. My Grandfather who was found of horses and fetish those horses himself. He was also the physician of horses of Nawab of Bahawalpur. He used to eat Milk Jaleebi oftenly. He mixed Jaleebi in the milk in the night and in the morning he ate these jaleebis. After this food he avoid all type of foods and drinks in the morning. In the afternoon he took some fruits only. In the night he took full food before three hours of sleeping.

He died many years ago. But he left unlimited signs in the life and its medical benefits now started to reveal in modern science. I heard from him those who took Milk Jaleebi in the morning will never become old, never become weak. He would also not suffered from blood pressure, sugar, lever problem. His eye sight would not be affected. Even he said that eye sight of such person would be such as Eagle saw the Snake from the hundred feet high and capture the snake before snake go in hole. Grandfather (Late) usually said that who continuously use Milk Jaleebi in his life in the breakfast his eyesight will be equal to Eagle eyes sight and his memory will be very sharp and he will remain healthy in all his life. I my self is the eye witness of such qualities of my Grandfather. He was not fat at all. He is over height and with stretched belly. He was not over weight by all means. One of the major secret of his health that he used to take less food and walked excessively. In his whole life he never left the Milk Jaleebi food and took it regularly in summer or winter season.

Once he went to Saudia to perform Hajj. He took Jaleebis with him with the thought it would not be available in Saudia Arabia. But after reaching he said that I have found a shop in Makkah. In Makkah there were many shop of Indians community and they cooked very good Jaleebis as lot of Indian Pilgrims also liked Jaleebis. Similarly in Madinah they also found some Indian Shops of Jaleebi Foods. They also produced very good Jaleebis. There were no good facilities available in the Hajj at that time. Hajis continuously offered sacrifices/ Qurbani and Good Healthy People also often got tired. Whereas My Grandfather never became tired. Even in old age he walked excessively and whole Hajj was performed by him while walking only. He said this was because of Milk Jaleebis which gave him a healthy life.

Readers! Milk Jaleebi is an ancient food of subcontinent. What is the origin of Jaleebi? Its historical findings constitutes of centuries. Al-Baroni told about Jaleebis in his travel stories which published later on. Ibn-e Battuta told in his stores which published later on that in Subcontinent emperors used to take sweet after the foods. On their tables I found a unique sweet which are round and its shape was slightly out of order. What was that food? After taste it, I exclaimed wonderful from my tongue.

Readers! Believe me if you made Desi Jaleebi yourself at home and in brown sugar it will produce wonderful result. In the past Desi Jaleebis were made of Desi Khameer and some other ingredients were mixed in it. If you found a person who made Jaleebi with Desi Method, Desi Ghee, and Brown sugar, Desi Khameer, believe me it will not be only Jaleebi it will be food for your race and creed.

Readers! Believe me I am going to tell you such a secret of life which you can obtained as a final decision of your life. The secret is that you buy Jaleebis from market and mix it in pure warm milk. Mix it for whole night then in the morning take spoon by spoon in the breakfast.

Please make sure that if you are unable to make Desi Jaleebis, then use Market available Jaleebis so that you can take maximum advantage from it. To make Desi Jaleebi is not an easy task and every person cannot make it. Someday back a patient came to my clinic who was absolutely unhealthy, ill. Power and resistance were absolutely finished from his body. I told him to use Milk Jaleebi in the morning. But he told me that he was sugar patient. I told him which is also very useful for sugar patient.  It is a common practice that doctors stop the all type of sugar ingredients to Sugar patients. It is very cortical that once a sugar effects the patient from inside and on other side doctors also stop patients to take any type of food which is more powerful and helpful for patient. It is not fair to sugar patient.  I told that patient to use Milk Jaleebi in the morning and then walked daily for 01 hours. You will feel yourself that how much power you receive. Sugar will also be vanished from your body. He accepted my prescription. After some period he again came to me and told me after using Milk Jaleebi I felt like 18 years old and passed a very healthy life. (Continued) 

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