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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

AKSEER UL BADAN (tablets) - Nutritional Supplement

AKSEERUL BADAN (Compulsory for body)

Taking history of medicine, you may know that history of medicine is centuries old, medicine is remain the occupation of messengers of Allah and Walis (friends of Allah). Every physician wish that he may have such a formula that provide relief for every ailment and it will be the result of his whole life. Now, there are thousands of diseases for these patients go from a slight illness to bed of death. After years of year hard research, test, observation and experiments, our research department discovered a medicine with the name of “Akseerul Badan”. Benefit of this medicine is very hard to define.


Compound of precious herbs: No doubt Allah, who make everything, creates every herb out of these we prepare compound from Nabvi (SAW) herbs, vitamin filled expensive heaven fruit, sea gems and other herbs. Every dose of this compound provides relief and freshness to health. Substances of any formula whether how much good but if these substances were not pure then it will not provide desire result. In modern era, taking herbs is the hardest task because pure herbs found to hard. For the patients who depressed from substandard medicines, use this syrup, they will definitely satisfy because it is quality of “Akseerul Badan” that is prepared from standardized and 100% pure herbs. For the preparation of it, importance given to pure and expensive substances, that’s why it provides relief to disappointed patients.


Features of “Akseerul Badan”: to be beautiful & healthy is the dream, all hopes have been disappear, unattractive body, tired face, eyes and body, confusion, hopelessness, dull life, and lying on death bad from a slight illness, body pain, youth deny from marry due to fear or disappointed after marry, for all these diseases, prepared such a food compound with the name “Akseerul Badan” that will make you worry free from every type of chemical syrup and other medicine. Substances of “Akseerul Badan” make strong heart, mind and liver. Those young boys and girls feeling weak, have depression of skin around eye lid, going chick inside, appearance of bones on face, look like old age face, dull or unexcited eyes, for all these conditions “Akseerul Badan” is the precious health treasure. “Akseerul Badan” makes remedy of your internal deficiencies and make your personality so attractive and stands out that every one compelled to say “you are looking so beautiful and smart”. “Akseerul Badan” is like umbrella of your health that secures you from diseases.


For feminine beauty: Received a letter, a lady paid congratulation and said that she is profession in a college and belongs to Home Economics Department and in that department she takes gain from Ubqari for my department. College girls like me more and share everything of their life and all of them remain impatient to maintain their feminine beauty. Those girls are weak she (Professor) advise them for “Akseerul Badan” and they take its benefits like gain weight and those have little breast, after constant use of “Akseerul Badan” their breast going to big and attractive. Now, every girl of college took interest in “Akseerul Badan”. It is very effective for girls.


Unbelievable memory is possible: One who become useless and helpless on lost his memory, so that not only said patients affected but also his relatives i.e. parents, children, wife, friends and other relatives too. Said condition may after some time converted in madness in such condition “Akseerul Badan” is the necessary medicine for those patients. Male or female students, due to load of study, gone to illness or could not maintain their health, feeling sleeplessness, losing apatite, weak memory, mental weakness, fear of examination etc. as well as lawyers, traders, office workers whether they doing mental or physical work, for all of them “Akseerul Badan” and for all these diseases, it prove positive and effective. It is so effective for mental power, if you use it for some days you will memorize things that you have been forget years ago. “Akseerul Badan” provides new life to mind, increase appetite; make food part of the body by maintaining digestive system. A woman with her children approached to Idara Ubqari and said that she has three sons, all using glasses, after study for awhile complaining headache as such they could not study properly. I advise her with some instructions for “Akseerul Badan” to use with water. Someday she use the medicine and again reached at Idara Ubqari and informed “Hakeem Sahib, with the grace of Allah now memory of my children is more better and now they study how much they like without headache complain.


Sight restore: A man wrote a letter in which he said that his eyesight was weak and pus existed in the eyes. On the insisting of his friend, he uses “Akseerul Badan” for six months and then his eyesight restore as well as his mental power and memory also strengthen.


For restoration of man sexual power: a full of joy letter received, writer in which wrote “I was involve sexual power weakness due to which respect in my house become less, I was so disturb, even I have four children but for some years I lost my sexual power, when I told a friend about my hidden disease then he advise me for “Akseerul Badan” and instructed me to follow the instruction on the label of packet before use. I brought it and take it. Now I become the mobile advertise of “Akseerul Badan” and whether how much I praise it but it will be less than from its features and relief. A man visited at Idara Ubqari and said that no one can diagnose his ailment till yet and he visited there for his treatment. He said that since some time his hands and feet turn in to unconscious and feeling that any diseases over come on him, He was confused. He describe that due to such ailment he remain in room for two to three days, often stomach remain disorder, loss of appetite, marital life disturbed and feeling pain whenever children make noise, weak nerves, he approach many doctors but they calling it his imagination, he has pile of medicine, his home look like a medical store. He wished for relief from such ailment and for the elimination of all medicine. I advised him for “Akseerul Badan” with instruction not to use any other medicine with it and your next will be fixed after three months. As per instruction, said man came at Idara Ubqari looking very happy and satisfactory, said that Hakeem Sahib he “Akseerul Badan” is too good to praise it and now I have no need for any medicine. In connection with occupation, I have to stay at a hotel at Rawalpindi, where a monthly journal of Ubqari put on the table, I started to read it, and I amuse it. In last section, there is introduction of medicines, out of these medicines one is “Akseerul Badan”. I thought as Ubqari is reliable then medicine of it may also be reliable. I am suffering from Gonorrhea since long, treated from many doctors every one advised him that it will be remove after marry but after marry, it still existed. On use of “Akseerul Badan” not only chronic Gonorrhea removes as never existed and weakness of nerves also eliminate. Now, I did not feel tired, whether how much I walk. (Muhammad Sarfraz from Abbottabad).


For the strength of heart, brain and liver: “Akseerul Badan” creates discipline in the function of heart and effective to remove weakness of heart and semi-unconscious etc. It improves mental and physical power, eliminate chickenpox, depression etc. It is effective for those patients whose mouth tastes have going to been bad. Use of “Akseerul Badan” improves disorder of liver, jaundice, deficiency of blood, liver swelling, chest irritation, weakness of gallbladder etc. It provides immediate relief in weakness that grew after typhoid fever and took out typhoid from body.

Gift for patients who are in pain of joints: life is the going here and there and to perform responsibilities. Unfortunately, if due to any disease, anyone unable to walk or feeling severe pain then life is burden because pain is not illness but it is the reaction of any disease. For example tiredness due to excess hard working or labour causes pain in sitting, laying or bending. In women disease like leakage of white fluid, effects of old age, elimination of gelatinous fluid from bones due to which they feeling pain. For all of these diseases “Akseerul Badan” is an effective medicine because it is necessary for joint pain, weakness of muscles. During journey, a gentleman met with me and while he stands up, he expressed pain. Later, then he returns to his seat, I introduce myself in short and I asked about pain, he told that he has been suffering from pain for last 7 years, earlier these pain feeling less but now it raises more. He further told that he visited many doctors and took medicines but improvement paid for time beings and after some time pain return and now he feeling so pain in walking, sitting, laying and standing. I advised him to take “Akseerul Badan” and said that inform me after taking two to three packets of “Akseerul Badan”. After a month, he visited Lahore to meet me and told me that improvement has been started in my ailment and I am sure that it heals my pains. I requested him to please use it for next 6 months then you will completely health because during clinic lot of cases observed those I advised “Akseerul Badan”, who becomes healthy, if they don’t rush, it effects on some patients quickly and for some takes time but all get sound health.

People what to say about us secretly: invention is the mother of need because we were not knows about “Akseerul Badan” effective for how many diseases. It works on so many diseases such is come to our knowledge through letters of different patients or their visits. Many people informed us about benefits of “Akseerul Badan” because it is free from every kind of poisonous compounds, and different type of chemical as such this medicine is harmless for human body. Anyone i.e. new born baby to 100 years old age may use it. If we compile benefits of this medicine then a book would have to be composed. An herbal medicine company prepared it with thirty three (33) different names.

Fourteen years Chronic Ulser ended: a man wrote a letter in which he informed that he read introduction of “Akseerul Badan” in monthly Ubqari, he was patient of Ulcer since last 14 years. He used many medicines but no heal. He use “Akseerul Badan” for two months, his Ulcer removed and got health. (Manzoor Ahmed from Kamoki). Like that many patients send good news about their improvement in Ulcer.

Stomach healthy man healthy: You enjoy food when your stomach also healthy. “Akseerul Badan” is not only effective for all diseases of stomach but also effective for diseases like feeling stools after every eat, loose motion, blood in stools, fat in stools, loose motion on taking healthy food like dry fruits, milk etc. For the patient of these diseases, “Akseerul Badan” is necessary for them. A man along with his daughter visited Idara Ubqari and said that she is my 14 your old daughter but she looking 5 years old, she has neither health nor feminine beauty. I advised him to use “Akseerul Badan” constantly and after some time, he revisited and informed that his daughter gaining wait and she going to be beautiful. He praised “Akseerul Badan”. A youngster wrote a letter, in which he informed that when he was teen, he was so weak and remained ill, earlier he doesn’t care but when he was young, his friend taunting him and calling him skelton because his bones appear on his body. A best friend advised him to take “Akseerul Badan”, then Allah open the ways of health, I gain weight about 10 pounds in 2 months. (Ghulam Rasool from Shujaabad).

Best companion: Professionally, I am a doctor, my wife leaking white fluid since long due to which she remain in feminine diseases. I got every kind of treatment but nothing happened then I read in monthly Ubqari about “Akseerul Badan” and asked my wife to start it, after sometime on continue taking “Akseerul Badan” doses, my wife get sound health. (Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry from Lahore)

Depression of skin around eyelid and acne remove: during pregnancy my friend advised for “Akseerul Badan” because I am feeling unrest, swelling on hands and feet and depression of skin occurred around eyelid. I took “Akseerul Badan” for nine months as such I did not face any difficulty during pregnancy and deliver healthy baby normally. I advised my all sister to use “Akseerul Badan” during pregnancy. Depression of skin also removed from around eyelid (a sister from Hyderabad).

End of hemorrhoid: I was suffering from blood hemorrhoid due to which blood deficiency created. I use “Akseerul Badan” and hemorrhoid vanished.

Price: Rs.300/- except postal charges.

Benefits of “Akseerul Badan” after Ramadanul Mubarak

Suffocation and hot weather could not stop Momin from fast in Ramadanul Mubarak

There is no exemption in fasting

Temperament of a Momin is like a warrior or believer of Allah in every situation, he did not disobey but leave his desire. Due to fasting weakness occurred, for survival remedy of these weaknesses is necessary and the other hand treatment is Sunnah. “Akseerul Badan” is the effective treatment for blood deficiency, weakness, stress. “Akseerul Badan” is the best medication for tiredness, shivering and blood deficiency. After fasting, “Akseerul Badan” replaces face yell to pink. “Akseerul Badan” is the best friend in hot weather, it protects from hot winds and suffocation, and it is stronger than mother’s milk, center of fitness, power and energy. “Akseerul Badan” is the best coordinator and helper for those who feeling sleepless and hungry in Ramadan ul Mubarak, for these persons some packets of “Akseerul Badan”, be active and punctual them. “Akseerul Badan” is effective in any weather for everybody and for everyone. It is treasure of fitness for fatty person and treasure of power for weak persons, gift for those who whether work mentally or physically. After use of some packets, your day and night will be change. Three piles of first dose restore your strength, energy and fitness and you said yourself that first dose of “Akseerul Badan” is really effective. You can manage quantity as per your ailment. It is more effective with milk but you can use it with water. No side effects, no chemical, no poisonous substances use in it. You can use it with trust, confidence and with concentration.