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The Disease Also And The Cure Also From The Shoe

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Phd America), From the start of time, the human being is making his body and is inner self get interested towards the luxury. In the different eras, the human being has adopted different excuses and ways for the comfort of his body and for the decoration of his external self. The people of Stone Age used to spend what kind of life? All of the people know this thing that there was no dress on their bodies. There was no shoe in their feet and the days and nights of life were passing like this. The era got changed, the human being got changed…….The era got changed, the human being got changed and the human being took leaves to cover his body, then the sack and in the last wore clothes and for the comfort of foot, he at first used the shoes of wood and then the shoes of leather. The question which arises is this that when in the present era, everywhere there is the popularity of fashion so, for you health and fitness, ponder should also be done on the choice of shoes. It is a reality that the shoes should be soft, beautiful, should be one in many for the beauty of the personality but is this same shoe helpful for the health and for the safety of life also? This is such question towards which very less people used to pay attention. One man said that the pain of abundance of urine started to me. I did many treatments but the disease kept on getting increased as I did the medication. You are so much intelligent and such shoe??? One time I got the opportunity of going to one function. I met one man and just after meeting he said that you are so much intelligent then why do you use such shoes? From which the danger of countless muscles and pain of masana remains. Just after listening to him my thought went towards my disease. I changed the shoe and used the pure shoe of the leather because the previous shoe was of rubber. With the use of present shoe, my disease kept on becoming reduced. At last I became healthy. One young man came to the clinic while taking his problem that he used to have intense tension of muscles, mental tiredness and the tension remains continuously and these pains are not less than any torment for me. Due to this I remain away from success in my exams from so many years. Well the worry of patient was not even able to tell and he kept under the treatment of countless experts of psychology and doctors. When the diagnosis of his disease happened so, the reason of it was closed shoes and joggers. In reality these shoes are of those countries where there is snowfall. Such closed and English shoes are completely against the season and our nature. This how when his shoes were made changed and the short treatment was given so the patient became better Alhamdulillah. The shoes and effects of brain: When the injury happens on the foot so, where the foot is affected, much more than this the brain and the functions of brain take deep effects of it. Sometimes, due to the diseases of brain, the injuries of foot do not become better quickly. So it got to know that there is the deep relation of mind with the comfort of foot and of peace of mind is with foot. Newton was a very famous scientist. When he became victim of pressure of mind and depression so, he quickly looked towards the shoes. He used to change the new shoes in every week. At last one shoe gave him comfort and he used to use this shoe always. The experts of Germany has done the exposure that “if the shoes are better so the mind is better” “if the shoes is hard so the mind is hard” “if the shoes are soft so the mind is soft”. Apparently these words are common but after thinking and pondering, a human being can gain something from these words. The tension of muscles: The research has proved this that new generation is the victim of mental diseases more. There are many reasons for it but from those reasons this thing is accepted that the shoes are helpful and supportive in the health and fitness and the wrong use of it is the reason of diseases of muscles. The choice of kings of sub continent: The kings of sub continent used to like the shoes of saleem shahi and they have been using these shoes from family to family. When the shape and form of the shoes of them were looked so, this thing became clear that those people used to know the protection of their health through the shoes. Babar king says that “When I put my feet in India so as the environment, ground and season was different that is why my choice was the shoe of saleem shahi.” One lady was involved in chronic headache from the past eighteen years. It got know that she uses the shoe of long ankle always. When her shoe was made changed so, the condition got changed.