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The Treatment Of Prophet For Fistula or Bhagandar

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Ph.D. America), What a golden era it was that the human being was active; he had to do every work by walking or else for doing it he had to keep the energy of body and the organs as active. The diseases were less, the organs very completely active, the ages were long, and there were no hospitals at all, somewhere in any town or city some doctor used to do the treatment of patients with his short medications. Do believe that the patients also used to become all right. The activation of organs is the sign of health: Never anyone had heard the name of dangerous, complicated and obscured diseases. So then what is your point of view that in such society there will be no peace, comfort and satisfaction? Do remember! The society in which every single person will be involved in either of any disease, so this sick society will never be able to keep healthy advice and they will always be patients and only the patients will be born. One king was very much beautiful and used to remain very healthy. When someone asked him the secret of his health so, he said that two royal doctors use to do my treatment all the time. it was asked that how is that? So, he said that these are my both legs. I use to keep them both active all the time meaning that I use to walk a lot. We invited the disease by ourselves: To sit continuously or the use of very much soft chair whether it is in the form of car or in the form of soft mattress of foam, the presence of these things is enough for the disease. Such people who use spicy, sauces, hot and fast foods very much, for them also these foods will be enough to bring this disease. At last what is that disease? It is called as Bhagandar or Nasoor or in English it is called a fistula. Near the place of anus, internally one wound is made from which the puss keeps on coming out. The smelly wound of the guard of court: The big guard of one court had got his surgery done three times. He said himself that at first I did not give any special attention to this disease but when the disease got increased so the doctors gave advice of operation. At last by getting restrained, I got my operation done in Miu hospital of Lahore. He said that so much of puss came out that when I was getting shifted to the ward from the operation theatre so; there was very much intense smell. The people got to face intense difficulty due to me. What could I do, I was restrained. I came back home after few days, my health got better, the wound became all right but after few months I felt slightly pain and discomfort. When I got the check-up done by the doctor so, it got to know that slowly and gradually the puss is getting increased. I got my operation done again. This how the operation was done two times. I gave him the advice of using this tip of Prophet till sometime with regularity. With the use of few months only, today it has been the duration of more than seven years, he is completely fine. Cure from deuced disease: One baba g was involved in this deuced disease from very long time. He was not ready to eat the medicine. He had very much of anger also. He was made use this medicine only to apply so, the patient became completely healthy. Already commonly I use to make the patients use this for applying only for sure and much of the benefit happens. How many patients of fistula have come to me up till now, I have given them all, the advice to use this tip of Prophet till some time. I did not get hopeless up till now. Sequence and way to use: The healing: Twenty grams of Barg Mehindi, twenty grams of Nigella Sativa, and hundred grams of oil of olives. Mix all the three ingredients together, put them in the karahi and keep it on fire. When all the things will get burned so take them off and stain them. Drink this same oil, one big spoon at morning and at evening along with the slightly warm milk and apply this oil on the affected area. Just this is the tip of Prophet which has not made me hopeless on any patient till today. Whoever has used it in very much consistent way with attention and care so, very best results came in front.