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Only With Three Intakes, The Complete End of Sugar

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Ph.D. America), In one meeting I was sitting near to the Hakeem Sir to whom I knew. The conversation was going on, on the topics of medical. He said that one man has told me the tip, which does not make the mind attentive apparently but the results of it are very much effective and surprising. At first, I just ignored what he said. Then after sometimes, one very much respectable and a man with nature of research repeated that exact same tip till hundred percent and when he pointed towards the surprising so I became shocked that exactly same this tip was also told by someone before, I did not pay attention and now this man also saying that same thing. During this one more doctor, made me attentive towards this tip so I became focused to try it. The sugar got finished completely: When I tried this tip and hundred percent along with that same procedure, according to which procedure the man who was the owner of the tip told me. So, in reality, I started getting the results of it. At first, the results were less but as I as much I started telling it to the people, that much more the results of it started getting increased. Even this that the sugar of which patients were not getting controlled by any of the medicine, it came under control or else, the sugar got finished completely. Readers! The experiences and observations which I have listened and tried a lot, only the three intakes of it put the spirit in the dead life of the patient and the patient became healthy. few patients used it till more long time with much more power, energy and for the damages of sugar in the body or else those patients which do not get better completely with the three intakes, they used the more intakes and gained the cure by using it in a consistent way. Up till now, one hundred and seventy-two patients in total have come in my observation, from these only thirteen of the patients did not get cured. Rest of all became healthy. Someone from three intakes, someone from fifteen intakes. In my point of view those thirteen patients which did not get better, they did not use the tip with full attention, focus and with regularity. It is the experience that if the tip is not used with the limit of days and not even in a consistent way so, the benefit does not happen or else it happens very less. This thing has also come in the observation that with this tip and procedure, not only the end of sugar happened instead such patients who used the eggs in a consistent way with this same procedure, they also got finished the other related diseases and weakness due to the sugar. Readers! This was one mandate which I listened from the trust worthy people and tried it…..Now I am making it reach to you. Do try this tip for sure, do complete the procedure and then see the results. In sha Allah you will not get sad. Procedure: Take one pure local egg. At first boil, the egg completely, peel the skin of it and take one deep dish. Put one-kilogram of salt in the dish which should be local one of mines (It should not be the salt of iodine and artificial one of the ocean instead it the common local salt which is coming out from centuries from the mines of Khewra and Maroj) Take it and hide the egg in it. Half of the salt should be up and that much amount below it, write the date on it. Then on the fourth day of it take the third egg and just like the previous procedure hide it in the new salt. Every time the salt should be new and of one kilogram. When complete fifteen days pass to the first egg so take it out from the salt which would have become hard up till now and the egg white would have been finished only the yolk will be left. Take out the yolk at morning before eating anything, do the pieces of it and take with the milk. Then the second round just likes this after three days on the fourth day. Take it along with the milk at the morning. You just keep on pressing one egg after every three days. When fifteen days will pass to every egg so, eat the egg on the sixteenth day. Just like these use three eggs or else fifteen eggs in a consistent way. There are two preventions in this procedure: One is this that the egg should be purely local. It should be only of the area of villager else of the hen of the house because these days one egg of farm is being sold in the market in the form of local. Secondly, the care of date is very much necessary. The date should not move in keeping it up or down, not even in eating otherwise there will be the decrease in the benefit. During the treatment, do not leave the medicines of a doctor at once. Slowly and gradually it will get left by itself and we may not get this worry by seeing the egg and salt that we will have high blood pressure. The blood pressure will not become high from it at all. Yes, if you are eating the medicine of blood pressure so, keep on eating it. This salt is worthy of eating afterwards also. I will do request one more time that the egg should be pure, the salt should be of one kilogram, every time the salt should be new, the dish should be separate and deep, after three days hide the other egg on the fourth day, eat the egg on the sixteenth day. This tip is worthy of using in every season. If you use fifteen eggs so for the whole life one matchless energy, power and the complete end of sugar is possible. If you want like this so, you may do three courses of fifteen eggs and spend a happy life. In sha Allah Tala.