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The Sure Treatment of Hepatitis With The Few Drops Of Medicine

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), The diseases of liver are from those diseases of the world which are not untreatable but they do get included in the dangerous diseases for sure. In the diseases of liver, especially the hepatitis, cancer of liver, contraction of liver or by getting increased bursting of it etc is included. The following mentioned tip is very much beneficial in the jaundice and hepatitis. It is one accidental tip. Accidental because that suddenly on one turning point I got this tip. During one journey, few people were sitting in the train. The talks of here and there were going on. I thought like this that why may not I change the direction of them towards the experiences of medical and observations. The observation which cannot be ever forget: I said to them that so much of your life has been spent if you have got to face any experience , incident or observation or any tip of any of the disease or procedure so do tell. Different people told the observations of them. One man told his experience in some such way that, he said that I am an employ in the department of Sui gas. I do not have any interest of any wisdom and herbs but one observation is this that which I cannot forget ever. It is this that the jaundice happened to one of my friend. We were employing in the same department. We made him use drops, injections and medicines of here and there very much, the disease used to become less but then it becomes overcome. It was not getting finished. The man of salary would at last bear so much of expenditure till how much time. He left the big treatment and started using the small and little medicines. During this, I got to know with the source of any person to whom I knew that on the road of chamber lane, one cobbler use to give free of cost medicine of jaundice. The countless of patients have become better. The one who told was himself involved in that disease. He also became better. I took my friend over there. He had one water which was soaked in the medicine, he put inside the nose and in sometime only the yellow-colored water started coming out of the nose and it came out in very much big amount. Moreover, he gave some water more along with us that keep on putting it inside the nose little by little few times, you will become completely better. We did service of that cobbler till hundred rupees and our patient became better. How I got the tip from the miser cobbler? One known Hakeem of mine came to my office one time. He knew about the story of sickness, medication and treatment of my friend. When he listened this that with the treatment of one cobbler he got so much of the benefit, he became surprised and went to that cobbler at that exact time. He refused completely to give that tip. He said that how much you want you may take the medicine but I will not give the tip. Hakeem sir came back silently and used one strange procedure for taking the tip. With the husband of his sister, the members of his house were fed up from him due to the heroin. He made him sit on the motorbike and took him to make him see the place of that cobbler that he used to keep that medicine in the old box along with him. He said to that heroin that I will give it to every day the poori but bring that packet by stealing it anyhow. The heroini wants the heroin only and what he wants. After roaming till few days, he presented that packet to me. When I opened it, only one medicine came out of it which is commonly available from the shop of grocer with the name of “Binndal Doda.” Take little bit of the medicine and soak it in the hot water at night. At morning, fill that water in the drops or just like that only put few drops of it in the nose. From both of the sides of nose, the water will start flowing in some time only. Do this act for at least three times in a day. Drink this same water one glass at morning and evening. In the very much surprising way, the jaundice, even this that the black jaundice gets finished. This trial has not been done on one, instead on many patients. It is a matchless gift.