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The Secret Of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)!! Only For The Patients Who Are Sad

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America): I was sitting in Masjid e Nabvi (Peace be upon him) in the door of Umar Bin Khattab (May Allah be happy with him) along with the great, spiritual and religious personality of the world. The talk was going on different topics so the discussion of fig happened. He said that the Almighty Allah did not swear upon the tree of thorny acacia and North Indian Rosewood instead in the Quran the name of whole surah is by itself fig meaning it is surah e Teen and then in this surah, the Almighty Allah has swore upon the fig. At last there is so much benefit in it that is why an entity like the Almighty Allah has done swear upon it. At last why? There is something instead everything so that in a Holy book like the Quran, the discussion of it has come. There is something that is why the Almighty Allah has done swear upon it first meaning of fig and then he has swear upon the olives. The matchless tip and my observations: Come! Let us make you attentive towards one great research today which is not only a research instead it is one matchless tip and experienced which is being tried from many centuries. One man came to me. He said that I am a reader of UBQARI and of the book of yours from a very long time. You have broken the misery on every page; you have not hid any act and formula. I have one matchless tip with me which I make it use in the following mentioned diseases with very much trust. Then the discussion of those diseases and then told the incidents related to it. Then I also used that same tip. Now I may present all of the experiences and incidents in your service and I also do request from you that you may also send your experiences of medical and spirituality and do it in a consistent way so that with your efforts the creation of lord may also get the benefit. One man was involved in the last stage of uric acid. He used this formula for few weeks only and he got so much matchless results that which were even above the thoughts. He said that I spent thousands of rupees on the tests and I am eating the medicines of thousands of rupees with regularity but the thing with name of cure do not come near to me. From when I have started eating this tip so the report of uric acid has become so much normal that my surgeon, doctor and physician friend is himself surprised. Then I gave this same tip to my those doctor friends, they by themselves did not give it by writing to the patients that it was against the post of them. They use to give the complete procedure of that tip and the photocopy of its use to every patient, do believe if the result shall be taken from them of this cure of Prophet so it will be a unique experience for you. The patient became the doctor: One man was involved in the problem of chronic piles. With some medicines and preventions he used to become better then again the blood used to come out like that, burning, pain and discomfort in nature used to happen. He was made used this medicine. Now he himself is the doctor of piles and is giving this pain medicine and tip to the people by writing and the patients are becoming healthy. Whether the piles is of whatever kind, whether it is old or new, whether it is from family or the wounds have been made, for all of these diseases it is a matchless gift. Not only one but countless people tried it and found it very much beneficial. The bowl of nose which is increased, sinus, sneezes, instead the storm of sneezes, flu and cold which is not becoming better with any of the medicine, it gets better completely with this tip. The people who get their operation done for many times then start getting the problem of the nose. The sneezes are such that which are not ready to stop, flu and cold is on its height, whether it is the pollen allergy of Islamabad or if anybody has a dust allergy, for all of them it is a gift of nature, only the appreciator will appreciate it. in the diseases of ears, tried by myself: It is tried by my own self in the problems of ears. It happened like this that with the use of mobile and Bluetooth till many hours from many years intense itching, pain, discomfort and ache started happening in my ears. At first I felt it a little then I felt this that the reason of all of this is the mobile phone. I left the usage of it. readers, do believe that someday the mobile phone got remained open and I was not able to receive the phone calls so there were five hundred till eight hundred of missed calls. I used this tip in a consistent way. Slowly and gradually this disease started becoming finish. Such patients who are involved from a very long time in flowing of ear, bones of ear and injury, they should use this tip for sure. Even this that for the deafness of ears this is the tried treatment of faqeeri langar. Just like this if there is the disease of throat the voice is not coming out, the voice gets finished, tonsils, wounds of throat, glands of throat, for all of these this is one thing which has been observed. The cure in the diseases of throat of children: One lady wrote that I was worried continuously from the throats of all of my children and the damage of it. never they got benefit from any of the medicine but from when I have started using it from that day in reality the antibiotic medicine of my children have got finished. It is said that the asthma is along with the life but this cure of lord has proved this all wrong that the asthma is not along with the life but the asthma is worthy of getting treated. If there is congestion in the chest of anyone, if he used to sweat very much, mucus and fiber, even this that the asthma of allergy and the cough of allergy is there so for all of these this is one great blessing. I met so many people like this that who used to say this thing that we have become tired of using the medicines and inhaler. When they used this tip and did it in a consistent way so they got comfort instead they got complete cure. You also try it but do not do hurry. To me more than three hundred cases nearly came to me of allergy and of mucus and fiber of chest, to whom I remembered in a proper way and they became healthy, otherwise there are thousands of cases like this. The allergy of skin, the swelling and puff out of body, the laziness of body, itching and pimples, whether they are the pimples of puss or dead ones or else if they are of blood, for all of these this is the last thing. One man used to do hatred with his own body. It got to know that many times he have done unsuccessful trials of suicide but the death remained far away. He used this medicine and became completely healthy. His skin became fresh and smooth. It became healthy, fit and wonderful. The treatment of chronic constipation, gas and indigestion: The patients of chronic constipation, gas and indigestion may use this gift by closing their eyes. When all of the medicines have lost their permanent benefits after the temporary benefits and the patients have become fed up, burning of chest, gas, indigestion, put off of stomach, even this that in ladies the obesity of thighs and Sarnia, chronic constipation and if bad sour burps use to come and not any thing become digested, if the food do not becomes the part of the body, if there is the deficiency of blood in the body, in all such problems use this medicine with very much trust and confidence. After seeing the effects of it there will be no limit of your surprise. In last for the beauty and attraction of men and women when the face becomes dry, marks and stains, wrinkles and acne is not leaving you, over there this medicine has the post of one blessing, mercy and kindness. Short medicine and the countless benefits: Note: Readers! There are so many benefits of one short medicine that may be you may go into the doubt but do try it. guess this thing is necessary for sure that do not do hurry. Do use it for sure with confidence and satisfaction and till few weeks. The healing: Three seeds of fig, half tea spoon of fennel seeds, green mint leaves local, (along with the leaves and branches) one coriander and do the small pieces of fig and then took it in two cups of water. At morning boil it when one cup is remaining so take it off. Make it cool down, stain it very nicely and then add sweetness as per your need. Otherwise drink it by that only sip by sip or little by little. Do like this till three to four times in a day. Few weeks in the season of summer soak it just like this at night in hot boiling water. At morning after staining it very nicely, add the sweetness. Drink it like this do not make it hot again. Readers! You also write your experiences, tips, observations and incidents of medical and spirituality. Whether you write unsequestial but do write for sure.