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The Matchless Blowing Of Getting Rid From Sugar And Piles

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Phd America), Many people tell their experiences like this that I feel like this that I may send it through the article to millions of readers and in reality, after sending it, I feel really happy. It is a part of my nature that how much my heart becomes happy by sending the benefit to the creation that much it do not becomes while hiding. One man was telling this that I was the patient of very much old pile. I got every kind of treatment done but I never ever got benefit from piles. Someone told me that whenever you offer any prayer, whether it is a farz prayer or a sunnah prayer, recite surah e Quraish in the first rakat and in the second rakat recite surah e Nasar. He was saying this that I started doing this act in a consistent way and kept on doing it and with the beatitude of the act, the Almighty Allah did this situation with me that the piles became finished completely. Even this that I by myself told this act to the countless people and whoever did it, the piles of him also became finished forever. One more man was telling this that in our society, in a nearby masjid one Qari Sir used to do blowing for the sugar. He does not use to tell his bowing to anyone. People come for very far places and get the blowing done from him. When he did not use to be present so, his son used to do the blowing and used to give benefit to the creation of Lord. Once upon a time, I asked this from his son so, he said that I have not told this to anyone till today. But as you do service of me that is why I am telling this to you. I do the blowing by reciting only surah e Qadar and Surah e Kausar three, three times each, and to whoever I gave the water by blowing so, he has much benefit in the sugar. Readers! Countless patients of the sugar when drank it by doing the blowing by themselves so, they got so much of the benefit which maybe did not even happen with the great medicine of foreign country even and how much the duration of their blowing kept on getting increases, that much more the benefit kept on being. He gave the permission of this blowing to me and today I am giving this permission to all of you readers. The patients of sugar may do the blowing by themselves also or you can give it to anyone by doing blowing on the water. It is a very best tip. With this act, the medicines of sugar get stopped till always and the patient becomes healthy forever. You may also try it and do take the benefit from this blessing of the Almighty Allah.