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Greed Of Wealth And The Bad Things Of The Society

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Phd America): 14 tola of gold in 1970: One very old age lady who was very much worried, poverty was becoming clear from her eyes, from dress, from walking style, from her condition, from her situation, and from her form very much. She said that we were brothers and sisters, we played in the lap of one mother only and we drank the milk from same mother. my parents gave me very much of jewelry, due to any retrain my brother came to me that sister, give me some of your jewelry, I have one very much intensely worried loan upon me, I will sell it and complete it. you are my sister, if you will not help me in my difficult time so then who else will help me? The tears of him, the request of him, crying and demand made my heart soft. I gave him the jewelry, this starting happened in 1970. Then he used to come to me time to time along with his problems and he kept on taking the jewelry. Even this that he took all of my jewelry then just like this he started taking the money also and I gave him 60 thousand from them. he used to come every time and he used to write and give it to me that I have taken this much amount and I will give it back. When all of my jewelry have got finished and I have demanded him to give it back so he kept on ignoring it for few days. Suddenly my that brother got paralysis, his sense of speaking got lost, his shine of eye sight became less, he stopped listening and his left side became finished completely. Now I go every day to the wife of my brother although the wife of my brother knows every thing. Whenever my brother used to come for taking the jewelry, he also used to bring his wife along with him. The sons of them are business man, they are having best business, and there is abundance of cars and things of eating and drinking in house. Whenever I used to go so the wife of my brother use to say by making a bad face that you did not give it to me, you gave it to your brother, this is lying down, take it from it. I become surprised that today how much of business they have it is due to my money and jewelry. The sons of my brother do not even talk to me, if I go to their house do they do not even give the answer of my salam, I keep on sitting with my brother by being silent, if the wife of my brother is sitting freer also so she becomes busy as I go. What should I do? That lady was crying continuously while telling her pain and I was looking at the face of her by becoming surprised. Is the difference between halal and haram becomes finished? Is the difference of halal and haram becomes finished? And this feeling is not remained that on the Day of Judgment I have to give the answer of every single penny? That man gathered the money and gave it to his children. The children are taking enjoyment of that wealth and he himself is counting the days while waiting for his death. Is the grave of that man, the Day of Judgment of him, the good and of him not in front of his children, have we gone so much far from the grave and the Day of Judgment? Does the accountability of the Day of Judgment have no importance in front of us? At last why have we become so much benumbed, why have we become dead from inside, why are we so stubborn in doing the damage of ourselves? This thing happened at that time when the human being only do khatam and charity or the help of poor person or else sometimes any function or any cultural occasion of religion or celebrates any event and think it as the Day of Judgment and the religion. The life goes on with halal and with not haram. O people of Allah! Do remember that the religion of shariah is our need. You may also have done one experience and on my saying you will remember all of those experiences and I have also done this experience it was this that not that with haram never the generations do get nourishment nor get they trained. With haram the peace and satisfaction do not come in the generations, with haram the life is become uncomfortable and irritated, with haram killing and murdering, diseases, problems, frustrations and irritation get produced. If you want to try so try it, and if you do not want to try so the ones who have tried it see the experiences of the life of them. You will get a clear feeling that the life goes on with the halal and not with the haram. Therefore very quickly how many harams and doubtful things there are in your life, right now go in the safety from all of them. May Allah SWT give me and you this intelligence and know how. Sobbing and crying wishes and money!!! One newly married bride wrote a letter to her husband who used to earn the money and wealth in foreign country that my husband, money and wealth can be earn in every age of life, the days of young age are only few and very much quickly the young age goes away. Will I fill my hair with white hair just like this by waiting for you till so many years? I will erase the colorful henna from my hands, the voice of paayal of my feet which only feels good in the young age, I will take it off and I will keep it with this imagination that I will make my daughter wear it, now my age of wearing it has been finished. Shall I keep the expectation and wishes of my young age in any locker and put the lock to it? I have loved you with my eyes, your words put a rhythm in my ears, with your smile all of my tiredness of working in whole house become finished, will all these feeling get the comfort by looking at your picture only? No! No my husband not at all, you please come back, I accept the hunger, the old cloths are acceptable to me but these children and this young age wants your presence, these feelings want your support. I have waited very much and now do not make me wait more. The hakeem Tariq which is inside me shouts: Readers! While writing these words you may feel like crying, whenever such lives come to me I become agonize. The hakeem Tariq which is inside me shouts, at last why? For money, wealth and material will that life remain crying and sobbing, is money, wealth and material everything? One lady was saying this along with her 19 years old daughter that it is her engagement and her father has done his promise that I have sent you the gift of your engagement. She was just expecting so her father went to Italy and he has not come back up till now. I have listened that he has done any marriage over there, his life has spent like this and I have become old while waiting for him and while listening the voice of coming back of his seat. She was crying very much then she made me hold one paper separately from the daughter in which those sins of her were mentioned whose responsible can only and only be the husband of her. Will the dollars, pounds; euro, darham, denar, and riyal will make him free from the accountability of his wife on the Day of Judgment?????? Will he get riddance? Not at all! Why your father does not come back? One lady was saying this that this son has become eight years old and few months before his birth the father of him went to siprus meaning Yunnan and then he never came back. The son has seen the picture of his father on net and the father has also seen the picture of his son on net. In reality neither the father has seen his son and nor the son has seen his father. He says that when I go to school, the children use to ask me our father use to come, meet with the principal, meet with the teacher, why your father do not come to drop you? do you not have any father? I have become tired by giving explanations to my class fellows. I do not get any explanation of it. What should I do? From where should I bring the explanation, I have become tired, I do not have any source of it with me, I should do question from whom? Are men responsible for the sins of women? Readers! The sins which are getting spread in the society, misleading paths of children, there are many other reasons for it but one very big reason is the children who are deprived of the supervision of their father and the wife which is deprived of the supervision of her husband. Then at last what should she do, the feelings are also connected with the life of her. Are men responsible for the sins of women??? Yes! This is the reality, this is the truth. The men are the criminals, not the women.