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Get Safe From Diseases And The Secret ofGetting Long Life:

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: Pure local ghee, secret of long life: The natural blessings which the nature has given to human being, not any artificial thing can be equal to it. From the unique gifts of nature one is pure local ghee also. Which have nothing equal to it for fulfilling all the needs of body of human being. Now the experts of scientific modern research are also saying this thing that different diseases happen with diseases happen with banaspati ghee and with the use of cooking oil when the body of human being does not get the required amount of fat so it gets different kinds of diseases. Therefore to use the local ghee in small amount in the food fulfills the proper needs of body of human being. In area of thur in Sindh and Cholistan there are people who have long lives mostly. There big old people say this thing that we have always used the local ghee. We never went to the doctor. This is the unique gift of nature. It is necessary that the local ghee should be pure. It should not be the mixture; it should not be the one which has ascent and chemical. Few people of companies use ascents and chemical this is very much harmful. Continuous experience and unique benefit: Readers my life is all the time busy in continuous observations, experiences and unique benefit. The every letter which comes, every meeting and phone makes me meet with new unique and strange experiences. In reality I do not meet with people or any post, instead I meet with experiences and observations. This deserted area which is spread from Thurparkaer on thousands of miles till Jesal meer Rajhistan and goes through the desert of Bahawalpur. If we look upon this carefully so the people of this area have the health which is worthy of praising they do not have obesity, they do not have big untreatable and the diseases which are kind of a lesson. Then they have long life and decency more than the limits. The reason of it is actually this that they use local ghee in their food. The experience of old man of desert: This is a story of some old time that I met one very much old man in the desert of Bahawalpur. In the conversation he told very much interesting and full of informative things. During the conversation he said that I have friendship with yogurt and local ghee. People use to ask from me that how you have so much long life and health like young people, what is the reason of it. So I tell them this that I use to eat pure local ghee. The experience of expert doctor: I had meeting in detail many times with a big doctor of Agha Khan hospital. He used to work some of the time in Europe and some of the time in Pakistan. The white people are very much fan of him. He said that whatever is inside the local ghee it is not inside any other oil. Now the researchers are coming back on this that if you want to eat so eat local ghee. The last treatment of cholesterol, obesity, pain of joints, pain of back, pain of body and diseases of heart is the local ghee. The secret of health of maternal grandmother of one hundred and ten years and old man of one hundred and forty years: During the conversation one man was telling that I saw that in the internal areas of Sindh there is one very old man whose age is nearly of one hundred and forty years. He is completely healthy, he has never eaten any medicine, Through out his whole life he has eaten only local ghee. On 20th February 2009 my real maternal grandmother got died, her age was more than one hundred and ten years. Her listening power, eyesight, body, mind, brain, talent and memory was completely correct. I have seen my maternal grandmother while eating only and only local ghee through out her whole life and have seen her doing worship and zikr all the time. It is my sure thought that the reason of her health was nothing else than worship and local ghee. The secret of health of people of desert: during his writing the known person of desert Malik Jaan Muhammad Zahid told the experiences of local ghee like this that the difference between the local ghee of any farm in which ascents and color is mixed and the local ghee of desert is like as Dalda and local ghee because the animal of that area spends its life by eating the herbs of desert. Then that animal drinks the water of rain which gets collected in the weak ponds. Now this water of rain which comes from sky and the effect of herbs become so much strong that the milk of it even the dung of it is also full of effect. To cook the few medicines of our medical fire, the choice of dung of desert is made. Just like there is the difference in the kabab of coal and sui gas, difference in the flat bread of stove of wood and flat bread of stove of gas, difference between the ripped fruit naturally on the tree and the cooked fruit along with the spices, difference in local hen and brawler hen, just like that there is the difference of sky and earth between the local ghee of farm and desert. Bhaadunka ghee, treasure of wonders: even this that after the rain of monsoon when the herbs and natural fragrant grass gets produced so the ghee of Bhaadu gets popular in the desert. Because due to the rains of monsoon the milk which is inside the Bhaadu after eating herbs and the ghee which is obtained from it, if you keep it till four to five years so neither the taste will become bad nor there will be any change in the color of it. Even this that it is in the experiences that the one who eats the ghee of Bhaadu till 1 month so his young age, energy, eyesight, memory and all of the lost powers of body come back. Even this that what is the color of the herb that is the color of the milk of cow. There use to be one herb after eating which the cow gives milk of red color. Then the butter is of red color and ghee is also of red color as if it is the blood which is frozen. Just like this after eating Khas, the smell of Khas also comes from the ghee. Therefore the herb which a cow eats, we get same ghee. In the ghee of buffalo and sheep there is grain. In the ghee of cow and goat there is no grain. Do prevention before the diseases: Readers! Try the natural life, come towards the natural life. What prevention you did after coming sick? Come towards the natural life before this, the enjoyment of it is something else. Procedure, tip and way to use: Come let me tell you one secret of local ghee then look and its benefit and try its wonder. Roast half kilogram of suji in one kilogram of local ghee. Add sugar according to the taste and add 250g of fennel seeds and 250g of big cardamom and 250g of small cardamom in it. Crush all of these three things finely, mix in it and keep it safe. Take 1 spoon of it at morning and evening along with the slightly warm milk. It is a very much powerful and wonderful gift for weakness of brain, weakness of memory, weakness of muscles, getting rid of glasses, weakness of body, weakness of thighs and joints, muscles getting pulled, pain of joints, pain of back, erectile dysfunction, and the internal diseases of women. Actually one old man of desert who was one hundred and sixteen years old gave me this gift. According to that old man this is the secret of my life and it is the secret of my health and energy which I have got genetically. Till today it has not went useless.