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The Tip to Get Rid of Leucoderma or Vitiligo

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari: Readers one thing is very much clear from my books and UBQARI that you will feel this that I have adopted one rule throughout my whole life that from wherever I have got the spiritual or medical tips or observations, whoever told the secrets of heart in my ear with millions of promises and swear but every tip, every experience and every secret is the mandate of readers meaning of creation of lord. Then where the benefit of it will be on the Day of Judgment in sha Allah tala, over there such sincere people also write their own personal secrets of spirituality and medical. I become surprised myself. Then a voice comes from inside that this all is only the mercy from Allah SWT and that effort of mine that which I may send to the creation. Right now I am presenting such experiences in your service which the readers from very far away write with very much sincerity or tell during the physical meeting. One school teacher said that I have one very special and unique tip of leocodrma. Actually one very old man told me this experience during a journey. Then I gave it to the patient of leukoderma, he used it, he got benefit in real. I wrote this experience. Then I started giving it to people. Then few experiences are present in your service. The disease of leukoderma and the proposal of daughter: One lady which came to me along with her daughter of young age, she said that the proposals of her use to come, everything is correct but only due to the reason of leukoderma they go back. We got very much treatment done, showed her to the doctors who were specialist of skin, did treatment but every treatment went to be unsuccessful and useless. I have come to you for treatment. Along with it she said that her engagement has got broken 2 times. At first I was doing the engagement with the son of my brother. The proposal was accepted and final, all the arrangements were done but then the mind of mother of the boy got changed. Someone said that this disease goes till the generations, it will get started in your generation. Never ever make your son marry over here. Just this thing was so much stick in her heart that she refused this from every angle and apart from my brother their whole house went in the opposition. Even this that the close relationship was got detached. Although we had blood relationship but they did not respect any single thing and broke the engagement. This news got spread in whole society and relatives. People used to say very bad things, before this proposal other relatives also used to give proposals for my daughter, we accepted this proposal by thinking him as our brother but we got deception. Now other relatives also refused to give the proposal and the proposal of our own family also went. After some time one proposal came which was of outside our cast. Apparently it was a good proposal, we did yes to it but when they went after looking at everything, they made our daughter wear the ring also, when the eid came so happily and merrily they gave the eidi as well, we had every kind of contact. But god knows what happened that our relative got to know about it. Anyone from them went to them and said something in their ear. So the proposal got finished and those people refused. We got so much pain that the whole house became a place of full of depression. Readers! Only the white stains of skin there became a source of detachment of relative and relationships over there they also became the source of pain or heart and getting away from each other but with the regular and continuous use of this tip the skin of a girl became alright. The tip is such that the mind would remain shocked: One man was living in Canada from the duration of forty two years. He had the problem of leukoderma or litiligo. He got many treatments and medication done but got no cure. The big doctors of skin also did the surgery of his skin but then also there was no betterment. At last, someone told him that in the city of Kolkata in India there is any special hospital of it. Over there a special treatment of it is done. He kept on getting his treatment done till 2 months, some of the stains got finished that he did not get hundred percent cure. Even this that those stains also came back again. He kept on getting different kinds of treatment through his whole life but now he has sat after getting tired and hopeless that no treatment can be done of it. Someone sent him to us. We gave him this tip. Only there was one condition that never ever use it without regularity. If you want to do it so do use it with very much care and confidence and use it with very much attention and regularity and consistency. He did like this and he was such an old patient that his whole age went to the downfall but he became healthy in such a way that he himself said that when I came to Pakistan so the people who know me very closely also were not able to recognize me. I made myself introduce to them that this is my name and I am that same person who was your old friend. Therefore these few incidents are presented for the readers as an example otherwise in very short duration the stories of it are scattered in such a way that I was myself surprised that so many benefits of one completely useless tip that the mind itself remains shocked. Procedure and way to use: Few people are always in hurry. They may not do hurry at all instead do this act till some time with regularity and few should do it till a long time, quickly or late but the benefits happen for sure. Do not get hopeless, the tip is very effective and long-lasting. One time if the disease go away so then in sha Allah it do not happen again. Now readers do look up on that tip. The taarcoal from which the roads are constructed, it should be completely fresh meaning that there should not be stones and pebbles in it (this is mostly found in the stores of building materials) take it and add so much amount of cero sine oil that it should become a form of cream. Now the medicine is ready. Apply it on any cloth of satan and then tie its piece on the stains of leukoderma. Keep it tied from morning till the other morning. Then again tie new piece at morning. Let it be till three days. Then leave three days and just keep on applying the oil of olives at morning and evening. Sometimes the skin is red, do not get worried these are the signs of cure. Then apply it for more 3 days. Just like this keep on applying with gaps and breaks, till when the cure does not get complete. Readers you may also write your tips whether they are of any kind spiritual or medical. I will be waiting for your tips. Season of winters, preventions and tonic of mind: The humidity in houses produces more germs and becomes the source of their being spread and of abundance of diseases. Keep your home windy, do not keep the windows and doors close all the time. Let them remain open for sometime so that light and air could enter in the rooms and houses. The season asks for the choice of meal: He was involved in fever continuously from many days. The doctor did the first question that o respectable man your child does what breakfast before going to school. Only slice or simple flatbread, sometimes along with the yogurt and sometimes along with the egg. When the doctor listened this thing so he became shocked, he said that you just do like this that do not gave yogurt to the child because the nature of child is of mucus and the yogurt is right now very beneficial for him. Yes! Yogurt is usually a tonic and there are countless benefits of it but for the nature of mucus whether it is of elders or child, the use of it is not at all beneficial and the reason of this fever is actually that yogurt. Every season ask for the choice of the food. We use to wear the cloths according to the season but we do not use to take the food according to the season and we do not do more care or else we do it very less. Do remember! The winters of areas of mountains is very dry and sare ul nufooz or then such winters where there is no rain and the weather is dry so this try winter ask many preventions. I have seen one man while becoming the patient of sinus. The reason for it is only this that he had a motorbike but he never ever traveled on it after not covering his head. One more man got involved in the pain of joints. He did not get healthy after very much treatment and medication also. After case study it got to know that he use to do the business of fish. His all of the partners use one special jacket and pent for getting safe from water but he is completely very far from these preventions. The lady should do very much care: Completely this is the situation of our ladies that all of the time their hand use to remain in water. The need of whole house has made us and specially our ladies very much near to the water. Then the cruelty is this that in the days of helplessness the ladies do not do prevention at all in the use of water. It is my suggestion to the ladies that if they do the use of water in clothes, utensils etc so try this that they may use hot water, their own clothes should not get wet, and if they get so they should change them quickly. The days in which the fog comes, in those days do not let your clothes get wet at all. Do hang the used towel on the exact place where the heater is kept (because there use to be no sunshine) or else hang these clothes and other wet cloths in such open area which is not covered from above. Does one special prevention necessary for making the environment of house safe from diseases and spreading and from stopping it from spreading that the humidity in houses produces more germs and becomes the source of their being spread and of abundance of diseases. Keep your home windy, do not keep the windows and doors close all the time. Let them remain open for sometime so that light and air could enter in the rooms and houses. The usage of cashew is very beneficial in the dry fruits of this season which is very good and delicious but it is very expensive. The best substitute of it is sesame and the things which are made of sesame. Pinus gerardiana, dates, peanut but it should be roasted, almond, Irani almonds they are sweet, the chick peas which are roasted, raisins for sure but use them in small amount. Sometimes do the gap between their time and in their usage. The royal powder specially for the readers of ubqari: By keeping the season of winter under consideration I have used one tonic of mind very much. One lady did very much complain about the memory. She said that sometimes I use to forget the street of my own house also. The young men who study, the students who are getting education in schools and colleges, the intelligent lawyers and the professors and teachers, the people of world of news paper or such people who have any kind of habit of hard work and effort of mind, this is equally beneficial for all of these. Actually Hakeem Gilaani chose this tonic for the kings and prince of mughals. The healing: 100 grams of blanched almonds dry, 100 grams of dry date, 100 grams of raisins, three hundred grams of murabba amla, two hundred grams of hareer jam, two hundred grams of apple jam, hundred grams of carrot jam, two hundred grams of garlic jam, and one bundle of silver paper. Procedure is this that make all of these dry ingredients fine or thin then add the jams in them and crush very much and when they become very much finely chopped so mix the silver paper in it. Take one big spoon along with the hot milk at morning and evening, half spoon for children. Take out the seed of amla jam, use the skin of blanched almonds, take out the seed of dry date. With the usage of some time with regularity the surprising benefits and wonders of it will come in front of you. It is very much beneficial for brain and muscles and thighs. It makes the eye sight strong. It is one delicious royal powder for the people who have weak body. We have got such countless incidents and results after using it that many countless pages are needed for them.