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With Few Drops The Valves of Heart Got Open

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari: The benefits of flax seeds: When I checked the internet for the benefits of flax seeds, I got to know that there are many benefits of it. For example it finishes the cholesterol, if the blood vessel is blocked so it opens it, it opens the valve of heart, if the blood pressure is high so it makes it normal. The small children who are in the process of growing up, it is beneficial for them. It is beneficial for the cancer of breast of women. It can also be used for sugar. Use it in the disease of asthma. I downloaded the copies from internet and I sent the copies of it to the principal sir. He did the translation of it in Urdu and sent them to me so that they could be published in Urdu so every person can read it and get benefit from it. This how with the popularity of that sir many people did contact with me and I made them aware from the benefit of it but no one from them did contact with me completely and told that we used it or not. There is only my one known man who is in MH of Rawalpindi I used to meet him every day. I discussed it with him and along with it I gave him I copy for reading which I downloaded. Editor of UBQARI, thank you! He read it and acted upon it. Then he did contact with me on phone and said that, Sir I used it till one week and now my blood pressure is normal. Now what should I do after this? I said that Sir now stop it. Only use it at one time in a week at morning and evening so that if the cholesterol gets produce also so it may get finish along with it. That man told me that I read this tip in the magazine of UBQARI that is why I am thankful to Hiraaj Sir and the editor of UBQARI Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Sir that through them Almighty Allah SWT gave me cure and I do dua from the Almighty Allah SWT that he may give you both long lives so that more people may get benefit with hands of you. (Ameen) I wrote the Benediction of heart in the start which I tried myself and then the other common people tried and gained benefit. That is mentioned as following. In every prayer after saying salam of Farz prayer, keep your right hand on your heart and with durood sharif whichever you remember recite it in start and end and recite (Arabic text) in middle of it 7 times, then pick up the palm of your hand and blow on the heart and then that same palm which you kept on the heart, rub it on your heart. In sha Allah tala you will not have pain in your heart. This is tried by me and many other people also. The medical benefit of the oil of flax seeds: There is vitamin B complex in the oil of flax seeds, letheem, zinc, magnesium, omega 3, are present in the oil in very much amount. The effects of oil of flax seeds are proven in the heart, vessels of blood, immune system, flowing of blood, tauleedi organs, nervous system, bones and joints. According to the experts of diet, after multi vitamin the oil of flax seeds is one best supplement. The oil of flax seeds proves to be very much helpful in opening the closed valves of heart. It is the best medicine of pain of knees and pain of joints. For fulfilling the deficiency of calcium in body there is nothing better than flax seeds. For keeping the activity of liver correct, flax seed is one best source. The people who are victim of obesity and wants to decrease their weight, they can decrease their weight by using the flax seeds with regularity. Flax seeds have their one great position for making the activity of brain better. The use of flax seeds in heart and flowing of blood: The continuos use of flax seeds decreases the amount of cholesterol and decreases the possibility of blood pressure and heart attack. The people who do not like the taste of oil, they may take one glass of juice after using the oil. They can also add pineapple and little amount of honey also and they can drink it with the gap of 15 minutes. The taste of oil will get finished. You can make this juice with this procedure also, half cup of juice of grapes, half cup of juice of cherry, one cup of yogurt, one cup of cheese, half cup of oil of flax seeds, one or two spoons of honey, and one banana which has been cut. Add all of these things in the blander. After 2 minutes it makes two big glasses. It should be drink quickly so that the nutrients and taste can remain safe. You can use the flour of flax seeds in the flour of wheat for making the flatbread. Though oil of flax seeds should not be done fry; it should be kept in refrigerator so that it may be remain safe otherwise there is a danger of it becoming bad. In the diseases which are related to kidneys, cancer of breast and diabetes also the usage of flax seeds is found beneficial. The flax seeds are best source of neutients in harmful effects of food. Although the use of oil of flax seeds is harmful when it is very hot in temperature. The hot oil gives great harm to the liver. With the effects of smoke of hot oil of flax seeds cancer can happen. The more than needed use of oil of flax seed can become the reason of depression, diseases of urine and pain of stomach. The fixing of beneficial amount for using: The oil of flax seeds should be kept in any colored bottle in the refrigerator because the chemical substances which are present in which can change in to harmful material by getting mixed with oxygen and light. The flax seeds can be stored till one year in dry places. In fact the flax seeds which are grinded can be kept in refrigerator till 3 months and can be kept in freezer till 6 months. Every adult man should not use more than 60 grams of it in 1 day. The usage of forty five grams every day gives best result. You may use the crushed or complete seeds of flax by mixing them in any liquid solution. You may use one spoon of flax seeds and 6 to 12 pounds of solution of flax seeds three times in a day. The leaves of flax seeds: The usage of leaves of flax seed is not proven beneficial in any area of medical science.