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The Unbelievable Benefits of Almond Oil

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Ph.D. America) Editor of Ubqari: Readers! The reason of writing this essay actually became this that today on 3rd of May 2011 one post came in front of me so at the very top there was the letter of principal sir. Actually, he sent the letter of any other department but it was written in the letter that I am sending one tried a tip that makes the woman drink in the start of 9th month of her pregnancy the oil of almond which you have taken out yourself, it should not be of the market. Add ten drops of slightly warm milk of cow in it and make her drink it every day at evening. In sha Allah tala the delivery will be normal and there will be easiness, there will be no need of any operation. If anyone do not have the oil of almond available so mix the ghee of cow in the slightly warm milk of cow and then drink so then the results are good and if you do not get the milk of cow so you can also use the milk of buffalo or goat. The oil of almonds and my experiences: Readers! When this letter came in front, my own experiences came in my mind suddenly. A thought came to me that why not I write one such essay which will do more explanation for this experience. It is a very old incident that one woman who was villager type, she use to deliver children, came to me for taking the medicine for diseases of women. She used to come on every second or third day. She was very old and experienced. She used to take work from small and little easy tips. Wherever she used to have any complicated case, she used to come to me and discuss the case. I used to tell the solution of it and used to give medicine and the Almighty Allah SWT used to make the patients of her healthy. She used to come with very much confidence and trust. She kept on coming till a long time. Normal delivery after 5 operations: During this one day, she came to take medicine from me so one lady was sitting with me before her for taking the medicine. The lady said that Hakeem sir give any such medicine that my delivery should be normal. This is the 5th child who is going to be born. Now also the doctors say that it will be the operation. I have become tired by getting operations done but operation is said as necessary for me. I tried a lot to get safe from them, did many techniques but every time the delivery of child do not happen without operations. Right now I wanted to give the answer that that lady who used to deliver children said that what is the difficult thing int his? You may do like this that put ten drops of oil of almonds inside the milk and start drinking after 4 months of pregnancy. If you get the waste material passing in abundance form drinking it so do the gap of one to two days and then start drinking it again and then whoever lady will do like this so it is my experience that the child of her use to be cute and beautiful and it is most of the times a son, he use to be healthy, he use to be off-white in color and the delivery used to be completely normal. Even this that the oil of almond was tried for such children also who are upside down and the doctor say that the child is upside down and the solution of it is only and only the operation. That lady who used to deliver the children went after telling this tip. After some time that lady came so she said that really I got much benefit with this and surprisingly my delivery was normal and there was no need of operation and then the lady told herself that I told this to other ladies as well, some are using it right now and some did it already, they also got benefit from it. The oil of almond made me the surprise: Readers! Do believe that before this I did not know anything about this formula. Already I think myself is the one who learns, I learn from any common man also and do ponder over what he tells. I started telling this to people instead I told this to those people also whose case of delivery were not involved in the problems of delivery meaning that their delivery used to be normal already. I started telling this to them also and the results were started being obtained very positive. Best tip for ladies who are expecting: One man came to me, his family used to come with regularity for treatment. His two daughters got married at the same time and the Almighty Allah SWT gave them both the good news in the first month. He said to me that is there any prevention for my daughters? So I told to him that how much work the ladies who are expecting will do, how much effort they will do, how much running they will do, that much their pregnancy will remain safe. The bad culture which is these days going on which is said as bed rest for ladies who are expecting which is the most dangerous culture from which most of them operations happens, the fat gets increased, the mouth of vein becomes closed and many other problems of high blood pressure, cholesterol and fat and many more problems like this happen. In our era the ladies use to do the chores of house also, they used to work with flour mill also, they use to wash the cloth also, and they used to mop the big and huge lawns of houses also and there used to be the normal delivery in houses and today the basic reason of not having normal delivery is prevention from work and effort and secondly I gave him this advice that starts making them drink ten drops of oil of almonds by adding it to milk every day at the time of sleeping. With this, constipation which a lady who is expecting gets, that does not happen. Secondly, they will also not have nausea feeling, the discomfort of heart, pulling of muscles and pain in legs also. They started doing like this most of the doctors were ladies in their family. They all became surprised with this small tip that what will happen with this. They should be given the things of iron and zinc and other things like this. As the whole family has trust on me so they gave nothing else and started using this tip. 5 ladies were expecting in that family. It is the surprising thing that 2 daughters from them were born with normal delivery to one lady. Although the two ladies had to get their operation done and that man told me himself that in our family there is the culture of operation most of the times. Already in the modern society, the operation has taken the form of culture for delivery. He said that I have so much trust on these little tips now that in reality, our children are beautiful, healthy and fit and when after the time of delivery the children were brought so their weights were very much increased than the normal children. The doctors were themselves surprised and when we told this formula to the doctors and the lady doctors so they became surprised that we thought the oil of almond as nothing. (It is continued) Children are the blessings of Allah: (The people who are not having children they may read it for sure) Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Ph.D. America) Editor of Ubqari: Editor: (Ubqari) Before sometime I did the tour of area of mountains. It was the insisting of one unseen reader of UBQARI that whenever you may come towards this area so come to me for sure. I informed him before going there, it was planned this that I will wait for you on that any road. It was the season of winters instead the winters were on their peak. It was the area of forest of mountains there in few house his family was living. He met with very much sincerity and quickly ask for the food. He made me eat simple but delicious food. It was his program that we will sit at night and talk but I said this in his service that the night has passed very much we will do conversation at morning in sha Allah Tala. He spread the chatai on bunk bed then the mattress over it and gave me a blanket. I have done the discussion of chatai with the readers for this reason that this is one act of Sunnah which is up till now alive in north-west frontiers province and in few areas of villages of Punjab. After very much comfortable sleep I got awake in early morning. Then offered the prayer of Fajr and after it did some Azkaar and offered the prayer of ishraq and after that breakfast and then the time of conversation got started. Especially and importantly an important secret for the readers of UBQARI: Readers! While saying these things I do not feel any kind of embarrassment that I learn from every man and every patient or the person who comes to meet me makes me learn something. He did some questions from me and I did come from him. During these questions, he gave me one tried to tip. When he gave me that, he gave me more advice that if you would not give such precious secrets to the people in UBQARI so I would have never ever given you such precious secrets. But you may not publish it in UBQARI because from millions of readers who is sincere and who is a business man? If any business man gets this tip in his hand so then it will be a loss for him meaning if this secret would come in hands of any person who do not deserve it or he will use it for earning the world. I did not do promise from him for UBQARI that I will not publish it. instead I said this that ok this is the promise that I will give this precious secret to my very special and close friends. I will not give it to common man. Then he gave me that secret. Every reader of UBQARI is very special and close for me. I think every person as my special person. That is why the promise with him did not break and this secret has received by my beloved sincere readers. Come readers! Now let us come towards this secret. My host said that my brother (who was sitting near to us and was a successful doctor of animals) has no children. They waited for some time and at last when they got their tests done so it got to know that my brother is not able to have children. We got very much worried. We did discussion here and there. The treatment of infertility is used to be very expensive and difficult. Then one doctor who was specialist made him do more tests. The chromosomes were completely zero. According to him the treatment of zero is impossible. Yes but if they are some percent so then there is some treatment of making it increased. But over here the matter is completely zero. We all became very much worried. At last we did the treatment. Someone sent us to one famous doctor of Lahore who is called as expert of baby test tube. We did not have the money which was his fees and for the huge big tests. His wife sold her earrings and so we did the journey of Lahore. We got the appointment with very much difficulty and when he gave the time for the checkup so he wrote very much number of tests. Well after spending 2 days in tests and wasting thousands on it we met him again. This how he wrote and gave precious medicines and told to meet him again after two months. When we took the medicines so the money of earrings was finished from before but we had to do the treatment. His wife said that the bangles are not precious then the children. She sold her bangles of gold. They did treatment till 2 months then again heavy fees of checkup and difficult journey of Lahore. He said that your treatment will continue till nine months more. They came helpless and came back silently. At last what could they do as there was no kind of money and more capacity left. What kind of life it is at last??? We have listened about one old man from very long time in the area of very far from our area in mountains which are more above that whoever takes his wish of heart to him, he does not come empty. Over there first this thought came in heart that it may not be any shirk or biddah because I did the service of some people of Allah SWT for four days. That is why there was the feeling of shirk and biddah in my heart. Forcefully and helplessly he decided to do to him, took his wife along with him, did very difficult and long journey, covered some distance in jeeps and then some distance on mule which was a very much dangerous journey. When they reached there, he gave the time to meet. We do not know that how many people were there like us who reached there by doing how much difficult journey. He gave the order that stay here for nine nights and you will go back by getting the wish of heart fulfilled. Now we did discussion that whether we shall go back or stay here for nine nights. It was decided that we have reached here by doing so much difficult journey of so many days. Come lets stay here for nine nights. Along with that area some weak tents were made like rooms. He stayed there with his wife. I felt that over here here is nothing like prayer or acts, just there are few words all the time who had relation with the name of peer sir, everyone has to keep on repeating them. I felt very bad that this is what kind of life at last? He is what kind of peer and this is what kind of area? Well we stayed there on the insist of wife, many times this thought came in heart that we shall go back but there was crying of wife and her insist. At last nine nights passed away. In that nine nights and days we listened the strange stories of how many people that how people use to come, what matter is done with them, how the days and nights of their lives used to spent? It is a separate story, a complete book. Instead hakeem sir! You may write one book of this also that what used to happen over there. On tenth day we got to meet the peer sir. He gave some amulets, gave some threads and took heavy amount of fees and we went towards that same difficult journey. On our way one accident happen with the jeep which was before us, which was of giving us goose bumps. We wasted millions but got no benefit: We reached to our home nearly after fifteen days. In those fifteen days we managed ourselves by eating dry and simple food. How could we take bath even when we use to get the water for drinking also with very much difficulty? When we reached home so all the people of our area gathered around us. We had to tell them all the conditions. Now whoever used to come he used to wish for listening all the stories from whole start till end. Helplessly we were forced to tell them the story for which we took a hope and went there. We waited for complete nine months but that hope got changed in hopelessness. The condition remains same as they were. They got no children, after wasting millions even they got no benefit. The prescription got from Faqeer Jogi: But I used to do one work every day that I used to recite two Nafils of prayer of desire every day and my wife also. Oh Allah SWT do grant us the help from unseen, there is power in acts and due to these acts at last the Almighty Allah SWT felt pity on us. One lady who used to deliver the children was very old and famous in the other village which was near to our area. One day she came to our house for taking the place of one canal for the grass. My wife was doing the dua by crying a lot after offering the prayer of 2 Nafils. After dua that lady who used to deliver the children asks that what the matter is. Why are you crying so much? So my wife told that so many years have passed to our marriage but we have got no children up till now. We went to many people, wasted so much money but got no benefit. The lady who used to deliver children said that what is the matter of worry in it? I have one tip which I have tried on countless people. To whomever I gave it he got benefit. One faqeer jogi gave this tip to my maternal grandfather before the independence of Pakistan. to whomever I have given this he has got benefit, I may make you write it you also make it. It has been more than 60 years and it has not got unsuccessful till today. The wife called the son of his brother and made him write those ingredients which that lady who used to deliver children remembered and both the husband and wife used them with confidence. That lady who used to deliver children just did this advice that while using it first the husband and wife both should use it and use it in every season with confidence. Do not use spices and chillis, the things which are fried and meat and someone get benefit in one month, someone get in 3 months, someone get it in 5 months but the benefit happens for sure. It is not possible that anyone who used it did not get benefit till today. Readers! You listened the whole biography or the sad story of that man. Do believe that this is that tip which if I want so I can sale it on business domain but I am presenting it as a gift for the readers of ubqari. It is really matchless. To whomever I have given this he got benefit and got very much of it. you also make it but try it with patience and give dua from heart. The healing: Small cardamom, white surma, maju, tabahseer of india, tamarkaz, maei, white mosli of india. Take ten grams of everything. Gree, munqa, poppy seeds. Take two hundred and fifty grams of everything. Rice of red color, oil of almond. Take half pao of everything. 5 tola of suipaari, pistachio, white cumin seeds, goond kekar, goong kateera. Take half kilo gram of everything. Halk kilo gram of rock candy. Crush all of these things and then take one big spoon of it along with the milk at morning and evening. The man and woman both would use it. note: Readers, whichever secret of heart which is important I sent it to you people with my whole heart and soul. You also write your observations, experiences whether they are spiritual or medical.