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The Juice of Dates in the Month of Ramadan

Health and life: The juice of dates in the month of Ramadan: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: July and the heat of love of Lord: The heat of july and the heat of love are both getting combined. On one side there is the heat of weather and on the other side there is tha heat of love of lord and love of messenger of Allah SWT. Well a lover always gets win. Whether the hot temperature is much more than this, whether it is in cities or in villages, whether it is in deserts or on black mountains, the lovers who are involved in the love of lord and in the love of Mustufa always gets win. I may make you introduce with one juice in this month of Ramadan whose relation is with the routines of era of Prophet. When we go through the foods of Prophet in the books of ahadith so we get one such word of Nabi’s whose usage is also done by the people of Arab right now also but in the people outside Arab the usage of it has become finished. If one eats the jaggery like this so it expresses the heat of its nature and if one drinks by making the juice of it so it does not remain without expressing very much coolness and comfort. Just like this is the date and Ramadan ul Mubarak: The use of date shows heat and humidity. But if this same date is soaked in water and the juice of it is made so there would not be any other juice more affective and full of comfort. In the previous era people used to take complete benefit with the natural vitamins of dates which are from A till Z. they did not use to know the vitamins but used to take help from vitamins for sure. Today we know the vitamins but we do focus towards the vitamins which are artificial. The date which is full of nature is one capsule of vitamins and a lucky person only takes benefit from it. Already right now in the whole world the use of date is becoming a culture very fast for the diseases of heart, angina and heart attack because the world is coming back towards the nature and the dates is very natural. Lahore and old relationship with date: I look at the doors and walls of Lahore, the use of date in every street and market and the tree of date is giving this call by showing its face that people! There was one time that my tree was cut and people used to put colorful plants and trees but my reality is clear that the date is the sunnah of all of the Prophets, sunnah of all of the companions, sunnah of all the pious people and the biggest thing is this that there are such realities of cure in it which do not let a human being go towards artificial medicines which are full of chemicals. Come! Let us present the juice of date in your service that you may take full enjoyment with it in Ramadan ul Mubarak. The fast of summer season: One man said to me that the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak is coming, already I am not able to bear the thirst, hot wind, hot temperature and muggy season, then how will I bear this along with the fast? I said that it is completely easy. You may do like this that after keeping the fast eat 2 big spoons of gul gand of flowers of rose then drink one glass of water on it or it is more better than this that eat the two spoons of flowers of rose and drink the juice of date on it. Just like this at the time of iftaar do open your fast with the date and then drink the juice of it sip by sip, do not drink it at one time. The thirst, heat, warmth, burning, laziness of whole body will get finished in one minute only. Healing from countless diseases: Already the one who eats the gul qand after sehri and the one who drinks one glass of juice of date will remain such healthy through out the whole day that there is not any feeling at all that whether he is fasting or not. How much full of effort work he may do and how much time of the day he may spend in very much heat and hot wind, he will at most level only have this feeling that I am fasting. He will not have any more feeling than this at all because the juice of date and gul qand have one unique benefit in them. When I told this procedure to that man, he became satisfied and spent the whole Ramadan ul Mubarak with this tip. When he met me in the middle of Ramadan ul Mubarak so he said that I am very much satisfied, I do not even have the feeling of fast instead now I wish that the Ramadan ul Mubarak may become of 2 months. Before this I used to feel heaviness in my nature for the fast of one day even. Not one but I have countless examples. Whenever I gave the tip of drinking the juice of date to any one so the whole family started drinking the juice of date and where by drinking the juice of date there is the comfort in heart and liver over there the juice of date itself is the best treatment of hepatitis, acidity of stomach, intense situation of thirst, burning of hands and feet, dryness of mouth, deficiency of sliva, burning of urine and constipation. The people who are involved in complicated diseases may not get worried: such people who are involved in any difficult and complicated disease and they are not able to keep the fast, they may not become sad and worried because this thing is found in the books of seerah related to the companions of Prophet that they used to do the dua for fast of summer season and tahajjud prayer of winter season because the days of summer season use to be long and the nights of winter season use to be long. Come let us make you introduce with Nabi’s with the reference of ahadith. It is narrated by Hazrat Abu Qatada May Allah be happy with him that Prophet peace be up on him stopped us from to mix the wet and uncooked date for making nabis and instead use dry and uncooked date, dry grapes and dry dates and said that make nabis separately with each of them. (Rawah u Muslim) The procedure of making nabeeS: Take the dates according to the need and soak them in water at evening (If the dates are dry so do small and little pieces of them and take out the seeds of it) meaning that if the dates are one pao so the water should be nearly 2 kilo grams in it. After waking up at morning rub the dates with your hands, while rubbing, all of the dates and the fiber of it will get dissolved in the water. If you wants so stain it and drink it then. Otherwise you can also use it without staining. If the dates are fresh so do not break them and soak them as they are. After waking up at morning either rub them or stain them and take out the seeds and then drink it. If you want so you can also mix the milk in the juice of dates. This how the benefit of it gets increase. And 2 fruits of the heaven meaning milk and dates get together with each other. In the lives of companions of Prophet (May Allah SWT be happy with all of them) the drinking of juice of dates alone is very much proven. The mughal king aurangzaib aalamgir (May Allah SWT do mercy on him) used to use nabees in his breakfast at morning. Big and great muhaddiseen, scholars and pious people, Hazrat Peeran peer sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (May Allah SWT do mercy on him) also used to use nabees very much. The use of nabees is also proven by Imam Jafar Sadiq (May Allah SWT do mercy on him). Prevention: If it is the season of summer so make the juice of nabes and keep it in any cool place or in the fridge. The one which you soak at morning use it at evening and the one which you soak at evening use it at morning. If you keep it in fridge so it will not get rot but just for the prevention do not keep it for more than 12 hours. After 1 hour of soaking it you can also use it quickly after grinding it. When one day gets pass and due to intense hot temperature the yeast gets produced inside it and the production of yeast makes its use is full of doubt. Therefore do try this that you may use it only fresh.