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The Fever of Dengue and Experiences of Baba G

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: The fate rules over everything: Last year the damages of dengue and deaths made how many houses like a desert, it made how many brides as widows and made how many children as orphans. The fate is the fate in every condition and the almighty Allah SWT rules over everything. The three conditions of baba g: I feel like that I may tell some experiences of last year and some experiences of year before than that to you so that the creature of Allah SWT may get benefit. Before this that I may present the experiences in front of you, I may tell you one very much old incident. It happened like this that as I got the nature and environment of medical and research from my house, it used to be holiday on the day of Friday. I did not use to go school on that day so that is why after wearing old cloths and taking an old bag in my hand I used to go to the farms, villages and forest in search of herbs. I got to know about one baba g that he has three conditions. The first is that he used to eat very much halwa in which there was very much sweetness. Secondly he takes 60 rupees of whole day and the third is this that to pick up his material and do his service, prays him and bear his tantrum and frustration. I accept these conditions: these three of the conditions were acceptable for me. I used to spend my free time in the search of herbs. Once up on a time I was pulling out one precious herb along with its root from the corner of one dirty pipe line. One man who used to know my father (may Allah SWT do mercy on him) met me and after recognizing me he said that son what will you do? I said to him that this herb is for old fevers and specially for such fevers who have relation with virus or viral diseases or such fever which do not go with any treatment or medicines, for them this herb is not less than any complete and best treatment. Unique secrets of life of baba g: That same person told me about that baba g that beneath the grand mosque of that some city there is one baba g. He has above mentioned three conditions. In the remaining time he use to sell the potatoes throughout the whole day. If you may meet him so your this interest will get completed. One day early in the morning I said my mother (May her soul rest in peace) to cook very much amount of halwa. I made her make the tea of strong tea leaves in one thermose and took cup along with it. I kept it in my old bag, sat in the bus and reached to the baba g. The baba g was yet not on his shop. I kept on sitting in wait for him. The baba g came and called me with very strict tone. I told my problem to him. He said that do you know…right now his word was inside his mouth only that I said that I have brought halwa also which is very much sweet and I also have brought the tea of very strong tea leaves I have brought 60 rupees also and I am present in your service. He said that wow son wow!!! How did you get to know about these things, you have made me happy. Ok now tell what do you want? I said that I have read the herbs in books, I want to see the land of that books. He gave the responsibility of work to his son and started walking along with me. We had to walk whole day in forest on our feet. When I have the hobby of walking on feet till now also we kept on walking for whole day. With the gaps and breaks the baba g used to get tired and sit. He used to eat halwa by making his fists full. He used to drink a cup of tea, take burp and then walk again. He used to pluck the herb from several places, show me that this is that herb, it is male also or female also, there are this much kinds of it, the flower of this such kind is small and this some kind of flower is big, it is pink or red. Readers! Do believe that the diagnosis which I got with a real herb, I was not able to get it from picture. I did service of baba g. we sat in afternoon, baba drank the siggrete and I sat to do massage of his feet. My halwa, tea, service and work made the baba g happy. We liked each other company; he asks me that will you come on coming Friday? I said that yes I will come for sure. We ate few seeds and all of the tiredness went away. Readers! Then this how I did many journeys along with this baba g. This is a very old story of many years before. I do not know that whether he is alive or has died. May Allah SWT increase his status. During this same journey baba g showed me one herb. He said that it is called as tulsi and the people who follow Hinduism used to do worship of it. That is why few hindu people has kept his name as tulsi ram also. The seeds of it are thin and there is one more kind of it which is also called niyaaz bo or pubri also which is planted commonly in the houses. He said that the seed of it is the last treatment for every such fever which is not getting cure with any medicine, treatment, vaccine, anti biotic and with the last precious medicine of world also. (It is continued)