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Fever of Dengue and Experiences of Baba G

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore Health and life Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Phd America) Editor of Ubqari: (Last part) Then he broke his trunk meaning bhatta along with its branches which was dry, he bent it in his hand, took out the seeds of it and said that eat them. I ate them and after sometime only I felt that as if one new freshness has come in my body. I said to the baba g Abdul Hameed that what are the benefits of seeds of tulsi? He said that I have told you. I said that is there the freshness and comfort of body inside it. He said that what is the work of fever? To give cramps to the body, to make a living person as dead, to finish the blood, which is said as the deficiency or finishing of platelets and red blood cells till the language of pathology. He said that it makes the body fresh and gives it energy and power. He said that son you have walked with me today for the whole day, if you walk for the whole night also so then also you will not get tired. I said that baba g the seeds of tulsi are available very less. The seeds of niyaaz bo and pubri are found very commonly. The experiences of 70 years and seeds of tulsi: He said that 70 years are fast to me while doing the experiments of it, of the benefits which are inside the seeds of tulsi, that same benefits are inside the seeds of niyaaz bo. Yes, if you want to increase the benefits of it so I may tell you one tip of it. Then he told one incident of himself. He said that before the independence of Pakistan, one Hindu hakeem used to live in our village in Amrutsir. He used to have the treatment of jaundice, dehydration, burning of hands and feet, weakness of heart, short breathing, deficiency of blood and had the last treatment of fever also. Whenever the patient of pain of jaundice or dehydration etc used to come, there used to be one medicine dissolved in one jug and the bowl of sand used to be kept along with it. That Hindu hakeem used to say that drink one full cup of it then he used to ask that to your heart wants to drink more. The patient used to say yes so he used to say drink more. He used to say that come every day and drink one glass. At last what was in that jug? After drinking few glasses the patient used to become better. The thing which is said as hepatitus, increase of cholesterol, thickness of blood, jaundice and increase of blood pressure or tension in the present era, that jug and glass was the treatment of these diseases. Already his patients were very less in numbers. Baba Abdul Hameed said that I became curious that at last what medicine is there inside the jug? I searched that that hindu hakeem used to take medicines from which shop. I started going to that medical shop, I started doing service of you. During the conversation I asked that, that hakeem use to take which medicines most of the time. He said that he makes one jug, he soaks only tamarind and tamsons in it and make the patients drink it whole day. This thing hit my heart very hardly that I have understood this tip. Then I asked that he used to give one thing in milk also. The medical shop said that I do not know about it but yes! He takes the seed of niyaz bo from me. I got to know that what are those black seeds? That hindu hakeem use to soak the tamarind and demsons at night equal in weight. At morning he makes his patients drink these things throughout the whole day and put one big spoon of seeds of niyaz bo in the one big glass of slightly warm milk of cow and give it to the patients to drink. He gives someone 2 time in a day, someone three times. At morning before eating anything else, 2 hours before eating or two hours after that. Someone for one week or someone for two weeks or three weeks. The personal experience of baba g for typhoid: Baba Abdul Hameed took one long tip of siggrette and said that I have seen countless old patients of fever whether they are muslim, hindu, sikh, coming to the hindu hakeem and I have seen them becoming healthy. After this I took one chatank of seeds of niyaz bo myself from that same medical shop and started making people drink it who use to have the milk of cow or goat, otherwise whichever milk is available but it should be slightly warm. Take one spoon of seeds and add in slightly sweet milk. If you do not add sweetness also so it is not necessary. It has to be drink with half half sips after dissolving. It do not have to be drink all at once and you have to give at least 15 minutes to one glass. You have to dissolve those seeds in the glass with spoon regularly. And have to drink while dissolving it. just every patient of the world who is fed up of the fever even this that the t.b for which the doctors tell the treatment of 18 months, old typhoid and such harmful typhoid which do not get cure with any medicine, people do get healthy with this milk and tip of seeds but they also become fresh and strong. Unique gift of nature: after listening to the baba g I felt that those few seeds which were on my palm gave me the feeling of freshness for what reason and why it may not happen? That is one unique gift of nature which we have forgotten. Then after this I kept on giving this same tip to my many countless patients and I am giving it up till now. Listen the short benefits again: Readers! I am giving it to you also. Now listen to the short benefits again in the last. Whether the fever is of which kind, whether it has any name in the world of science, gas of stomach, acidity, constipation, the hidden problems of women, leukorreha, etc and the pain of young people, warmth of gall bladder, or the diseases related to it, for all of these I found this very much beneficial from centuries. Such dangerous patients of t.b, typhoid and dengue came to me whose heartbeats were going and they were about to die. I gave them these seeds of niyaz bo and slightly warm milk for drinking and they became healthy also with the mercy of Allah SWT and fit also. They became so much fresh that the health and fitness did kalam to them by themselves. They did not find health and fitness and freshness by searching a lot but found it in a glass through the source of milk and black shining seeds. What do you think, the tip of baba g which is full of wonders, the wonder of halwa in this tip, the wonder of 60 rupees or the wonder of open heartedness of hakeem Tariq!!! You may do the decision yourself!!!