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The Tried Tip for Hair Fall and Dandruff

Every day jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (PhD America) Editor of Ubqari: In the present journey of Kashmir where Allah SWT made me reach to the people of Kashmir who were the victim of earthquake, gave me the opportunity of doing the service of them because they were such people to whom apart from so many years to reach the support is very far away thing and so their homes were empty and devastated like before. I try to take few steps for their service every year for sure. The treatment of hair fall and dandruff of hairs: During my journey I met one man he said that there was very much dandruff in my hairs. The hairs were falling, the bufr and sukri used to fall down from them continuously. I was very frustrated and fed up of it. I was tired that what treatment should I do of it? I used very much shampoos, creams and expensive precious soaps but instead of benefit the damage kept on increasing. I felt the danger that it may not happen like this that I may become bald and really the hairs were falling so much that the dangers of becoming bald were increasing very much. In this confusion the treatment was also going on and the time was also going on but the hope of benefit was very less seen. Some experienced person told me one tip that take one local egg, break it and put in one bowl. As much it is the egg, add that much red henna which is local and crushed and without the chemical, yogurt. Mix all of them and make a paste and apply in the roots of hairs with fingers and apply it for at least 4 5 or 6 hours. After that wash your hairs with the soap of lifebuoy because right now as much damage the shampoos are giving to the hairs, that much may be not any other thing would give. He said that I kept on doing this act with regularity. The one who told me said few days but I did 2 to 3 weeks. Just after doing this I got so much cure and so much benefit that I became shocked that is this much benefit possible even because as much benefit I got with this medicine, any other person may not get it may be because first I did the medicine with attention and then I used it with regularity. Then I had 100 percent trust on the treatment. To whomever I told, he could not remain without praising it: Readers! He told me the formula which he tried himself so suddenly my eyes went up on the experiences which happened before this because I use to keep on meeting with countless people and in those meeting I use to keep on getting countless experiences. I got one experiences again and again with many people so my eyes use to go towards those experiences quickly which I got before them. Exactly same tip I got before this also many people told me. Then I told it to many other people forward. Then those people also did it. Whoever did it he approved it and could not remain it without praising? Did not get benefit after even getting the transplant of hairs done: I got to meet such people who had the transplant of their hairs done even but then also the roots of their hairs were not strong. The dandruff used to happen to them always even this that when they used to wake up at morning after sleeping so their pillow used to be full with the hair but the dandruff was more than limits. First he did not like the tip that I do not know that what will get produced with this tip, do not know that the smell will come in hair but when he applied it till one to two times so then he got the feeling suddenly that no, this medicine has given the benefit in real and the roots of hair has become strong. The experiences of countless ladies came in front. When I told this observation and unique tip to them so they tried it and after trying it they told the unique experiences of it. the lady of beauty parlor became shocked: One lady was coming to me from very much long time who was one widow and now she use to run a beauty parlor. Her children has grown up and the old age has come to her. Nobody did her help, some intelligent men give him the advice that open a beauty parlor because she had the experience of it also so she opened a beauty parlor. That woman said to me that if you have any tip with you so do tell me for sure. I said that yes, I quickly told her this same tip of hair. As her practice kept going on so she started giving natural formula to her patients also. Really it proved to be very beneficial. She said to me that this thing is very much matchless in real. On one place where I was tired after trying very much big, great, expensive creams, shampoo, soaps and lotion over there when the wonder of it came in front of me so my mind remained shocked. Will it be really so much effective, I was not able to believe it but I felt this that it is how much beneficial tip. Do use it for sure: Readers! This unique tip is being presented to you. You may make it for sure, use it. in reality it is one very much beneficial and helpful tip for the problems of hair, problems of dandruff and problems of skin specially for sukri, bafa, falling of hairs, weakness of roots. During the experiences suddenly one more thing also came in front that the people who use this paste the old pain of their head got finished, the number of their glasses stopped getting increased, their eye sight became strong, the dryness of their brain got finished, their memory became better, the deficiency of their sleep got finished. This paste is a matchless thing for depression and tension even. Do try it and give duas to the unworthy man.