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The Patient of Stomach and Ulcer may do It for Sure and Read!

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore: Health and Life: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai (Ph.D. America) Editor of Ubqari: The basic reasons of the disease: The use of fast food and foods in abundance than these spices on them which were to be used in the season of winters, which are being used in the season of summer. For example in summer seasons these spices like dry coriander or green, white cumin seeds, yogurt, turmeric powder, dry apricot. While they have to be used in the season of summers meaning in the gravy and things which are cooked. It is sad that the spices of the season of winters are continuously getting used in the season of summer so why the damage may not happen! The eating mat will have to be changed: Every second person today is roaming while holding his stomach and liver, to the complaint of disease of the heart. Till when we will not change our eating mat until that time our health and fitness cannot become that which is desirable to us, we will remain eating medicines throughout our whole life. The actual reason of disease according to the doctor of heart: one very big doctor of heart told me in a secret way that most of the people who come to me for getting the treatment of heart are those which are the patients of heart apparently, in reality, they are the patients of stomach, to whom the spices and the food of outside has made damaged. The effect of stomach falls upon the heart and the treatment of stomach should have been done and the prevention of stomach is also possible. But nobody gives attention towards it. and this how the health and fitness get finish day by day and we get up on the support of medicines. The ulcer of stomach: When the acidity and indigestion get started so after that the disease comes in front in different forms. Sometimes the diseases of the heart, uric acid, cholesterol and sometimes pain of knees, the pain of joints, the pain of bones, weakness in the body, the discomfort of heart, the frustration of mind, pullness of muscles, at the back of all these things are the stomach only. Apart from this that we may do control our food and on our mat of food we quickly go inside the medicines. Then those medicines are also the ones which are very strong and effective. The biggest market of the multinational company: Pakistan is the biggest market of multinational companies where any medicine is sold however you want. Only the one who is selling the medicine wants the bribery. Air conditioner, fridge, fees of children, the balance of phone, trips of foreign countries, foods of 5 or 7-star hotels, enjoyment of Bhorban and Murre and greed of Umrah, get this all and get the worst medicine sold however you want. Got the gift during the journey of mountains: Readers make your health better with your mat of food. Today I am giving you one gift, after trying which you will be satisfied for sure and you will feel this that what is the wonder in the medicines of nature and Prophet (Peace be upon him). I got this gift during one journey of mountains. Then I give this to countless people to whomever I gave he used it. This gift is very much beneficial in the following diseases. If it is used with trust for few days, few weeks and few months. Till today I have not seen this surprising gift getting failed. Big great hospitals, very expensive tests: Those old patients of stomach and ulcer who have become fed up of eating all the medicines, day by day their stomach is getting damaged, their food are becoming very less and the medicine is getting increased very much. For them, this medicine is not less than the medicine of cure. I made such untreatable patients used this medicines who were fed up of big great hospitals and with very expensive tests and with the mercy of Almighty Allah SWT, with the usage of this medicine for some time they got the very much surprising benefit and got the best result. One treatment of different diseases: The one who has irritation in his attitude all the time, who has the tension in muscles all the time, who has weakness in muscles, I made them use this medicine, they got much benefit and advantage. Every such man who has become fed up of working day and night and now wants the life of comfort, he may use this medicine for sure. Cholesterol, urea, uric acid, the very much old pain of joints, the pain of knees and ankles, pain of legs, for all of these this medicine is very much beneficial. Such people who are the victim of old and chronic constipation and they do not get relief from old and chronic piles, they should use this medicine for sure. The tip is present as follows: If you want to get your blood made if you want to make your color fair, and if you want freshness in yourself all the time, then use this medicine with trust. The healing: Nigella sativa 50 grams, 50 grams of the skin of ispaghol, 100 grams of honey. After grinding the nigella sativa mix the skin and powder of Nigella sativa in the honey. Keep safely in any box. Take one spoon after breakfast and after every meal. If you want so you can also take just after waking up at morning also. It is a superb thing for children and adults and very much tasty also. You may also try it and tell it to others also for sure. The man involved in cold ulcer: One man came to me who was involved in the old ulcer of stomach. He came while taking one whole bundle of tests for the reason of treatments. He is now living in Pakistan after spending twenty three years in England. Neither he has believe in the test of here nor on the medicine. Someone told him about me so he came with much confidence. I quickly gave him the advice of changing his mat of food. The surprising thing is this that whatever I kept on saying, he kept on doing that and I gave him to use this medicine. Only in three weeks I got this result of him that he had left all the medicines which he used to bring from outside, the pain which was inside his nature, the tension which was inside his muscles and the worries which were in his mind all the time and the stomach which was continuously upset, all of it became alright and he started such journey towards the health and kept his feet on it that now he is walking on the path of health with regularity. I just want to tell only one incident in this sitting otherwise there are very much wonders of this medicine also and incidents too..!