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The Surprising Treatment of Kidney with Firefly

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Ph.D. America), The famous book of Sheikh Kamal Uddin Dameri: The Almighty Allah SWT has not made anything as useless of the universe. There is any wisdom in everything. Whether they are animals, plants, or of the things are made on the basis of any wisdom. One book whose name is Hayat ul Hewaan, this book is written by Allama Kamal Uddin Dameri, it is in reality a thing to read and a very much informative thing. In this book the author did research on animals of the era before centuries in which the west was drowned in the darkness and today that same research is being done by science which that man did before centuries. There is one animal in that book to which I and all of you know, Firefly is discussed. Jackal is a common animal in looking. Most of the time it appears in the season of summer, it is seen in gardens and feels with abundance and in darkness. The children use to play but one benefit of it is so much surprising which might have come very less in experience of anyone. The unique secret of heart: It happened like this that one landlord of Siyalkot came for the reason of treatment. Before his arrival one man who knew him was sitting from before. Right now the turn of that landlord did not come so that patient who was sitting from before told me on his turn that I know that man he is a big landlord of Summeryaal district Sialkot. He makes one medicine which is beneficial in the stones of kidney, pain of kidney even when the kidney gets failed. Countless people come to him for taking medicine from far away places. He did not use to make money at all, after giving medicine as free he request the patients for the Prayer. Many people did this effort that they may get the tip from him but he do not use to give tip to anyone. Yes I know this much that in the medicine of him the jackal is added for sure because he gives twenty five rupees to the children of our area for each jackal and he keeps the jackal safe by getting them hunted every day. That man said that it is about 1983 that from that day I know this man that he use to give the medicine of kidney completely free of cost. You may try because he is very much inspired with you and with your pen. May be he will give the tip to you. When that landlord came to me for showing his vein so during the conversation I asked him the thing about the tip. He suddenly said that what need do you have of it. you are yourself the king of wisdom. I said to him that I am a poor man, I learned from every person instead it is my effort that if you or any other person tells me any tip or any prescription or any procedure for any kind of disease or difficulty so Insha Allah tala millions of people will get benefit because I did not keep those things with me. I give the mandate to people to the people. He said that actually I got this tip from one officer of bank. It happened like this that he had very intense pain of kidney. One poor man used to come on every Thursday to ask. One day he was involved in intense pain and was sitting. The poor man came according to the routine so he said that what is your benefit, you go back every week after giving Prayer but I am not becoming healthy apart from eating expensive medicines. The poor man asked that what pain do you have at last. He said that I have very much intense pain of kidney. The surgeon tells the operation but I am not getting the consolation. The poor man said that sir this is not any difficult thing, your treatment will be done in few seconds only. Do like this that take pure heeng(Asafoetida, equal to the chickpea, keep it on your palm, mix the jackal in this heeng(Asafoetida) and crush it and swallow it with water. Do like this three times in a day. The officer of bank said that I used this tip only till one or one and a half week that I became completely healthy. Small little pieces of stones came out from me and my kidney became cleaned. That landlord said that I got this tip actually from there that I myself went one time in any pain to the bank with any important work so when the officer of the bank saw me involved in the pain so he asked and then he told me this tip and when I started using it so I became completely healthy. Then I gave this tip to my few friends also, they became healthy. After looking at the tension of people at last I started giving this tip to people free of cost. From 1983 till now thousands of people have used this tip. Not anyone of them even did the complain of disease again. Readers! This one incident which I have written in your service became the source of getting one tip. Then I started telling this elixir to many people, whoever tried it, praised it very much. The untreatable patients of stones, such patients who have got the urine stopped, the wound increased so much in the tubes of urine that the stones also got stuck, continuous pain of kidney, even this that such patients whose kidneys got failed, I made them use this also for few weeks, found it very much beneficial and effective. As it is one free and after doing little effort a thing which is found commonly, that is why I am presenting it in your service. Do use it and give Prayer.