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The Hundred Years Tip of Chemistry For The Protection of Teeth

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), Once upon a time, I was going to temple road in regard of some work. One old age man met with very much sincerity. After meeting he said that I keep on reading your writings most of the time. There are so many tips and so many procedures which I have tried and they do not proved to be beneficial. Today I may tell you my own experience which one man who used to fix the bone, jarah who used to sit in the mocha gate (May Allah SWT forgive him, he was very much experienced) I got this tip from him only. How I got to know about this tip: The thing happened this that I am an employ in the cooperation. Right now my job got just started so as I was myself also the one who used to live in mocha gate. So, after getting done with my job, I used to go from front of the shop of that jarah so I used to sit with him. Sometimes I used to break his cotton and give him, sometimes I used to tear the cloth and make strips of it, sometimes I used to crush something in the hawan dasta, sometimes I used to fill the water and sometimes I used to put fire in his fireplace. This how, I used to help him in any of the services. He used to do the work of injuries, pain, twisting and of joining the bone. But for few diseases, he used to give such medicines also, the proof of result of which and the experiences, I used to see every day with my own eyes. In those medicines, there was one medicine Dentifrices also. Whoever person used to come to him for the pains of teeth, moving, blood coming out, puss coming out, piorya, maskhora, dull teeth, who used to come for all of these disease, he used to put this same Dentifrices in a small piece of cloth and give it to everyone and use to tell this procedure that rub slightly on the teeth and gums with finger at morning before eating anything and spit after ten minutes, just like this do it at night at the time of sleeping. That old man said that I had no any other pain myself but my gums were swollen and sometimes I used to feel little bit of irritation and pain. I also used it. I became healthy in a week or ten days. Right now also I keep on using it time to time. I took the tip with thank you. With the use of tip, all of the teeth became safe: On that same day, after getting free from on religious gathering some people came to meet me. In them one man used to run free dispensary. I gifted this tip to him for making the patients use it. As he was a hardworking and sincere man that is why he made this tip after doing effort and started making the patients use it with regularity. After going of him how many patients came to me of that disease, from them the one who had the ability to make this tip, I gave this tip for sure and whoever made it got very much positive results. Even this that one such patient also came, to whom the doctors gave the advice of taking out all of the teeth. When he used this tip with regularity so, all of his teeth became safe. I met one such patient also whose nine teeth were taken out in different times but the pain, puss and discomfort did not go away. When he used this tip with regularity so, he got much benefit. Even this that, he started making and giving it to other people also. To one dental surgeon who used to have much belief on the medical tips, gave his tip to use, he made it in the amount which was much more than my thoughts also and gave it to the patients for using. After some time only he said that I have such precious and expensive pastes, mouthwash and emulsion that on the effect of which I am proud. But when I used this so, the results of it were proved to be most of all effective and I got very much satisfied and the trust of my patients increased on me. Readers, I do not know that I tried this tip on how many patients, gifted this formula to how many doctors, to whomever I gave, he found it beneficial and did praise. You also make it, what do you think. If for the gaining of a blessing like health, some effort is done so this price is not very much. Just little bit of attention can become a source of getting safe from how many untreatable diseases. The healing: the bone of leg of cow or buffalo in which there is bone marrow, whether take it fresh otherwise take the bones from any of the person who use to sell nehari, fill in the holes of them very nicely, the white salt, which is of common use, which is used in the foods (meaning that it should be natural of mines) put them in any utensil of sand and put the layer of sand on it and put in any furnace or give so much fire till when the bones may become white and hard after burning. Then crush and grind all the bones to make fine like a Dentifrices and keep it safe and then use.