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High Blood Pressure And Gift of Medicine of Magic Effect

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), The family members told that he slept very peacefully throughout the whole night and has not woke up till now at morning. Although it does not happen like this last night, he remained discomforted in the whole night. I said that when he will wake up so say my salam to him. Nearly at ten o clock of day, his man came to call m. when I went so that guest met me with very much happiness and welcomed me with love after getting up and became shocked that what was that medicine? He was telling that I took medicines only three times that my health became better and one time I have eaten it right now at morning. The remaining medicines are kept safe. The guest said that throughout the whole night I slept with very much peace and I have received this kind of sleep after eleven years which have passed. I am surprised that throughout the whole night I did not even get little bit of problem and the mind is completely peaceful, body is light and active and health is comforted and I have got my blood pressure checked. It is completely normal, such normal blood pressure did not even happen ever with my expensive medicines of Europe. Well he became very much impressed and did the expression of desire that if these balls are made more so give them to me. I have to go back to Europe in few days. I want this that this elixir medicine should be with me. Well I made him the tablets in very good amount and took good amount of price with him. The thing got finished. After one and a half month, I got his phone call that the country in which I use to live, the amount of patients over here is very much. Everywhere there is tension and discomfort. The patients of mental disease are everywhere. The discomfort has made the condition very bad. The blood pressure has made them restrain to eat expensive medicines. Well, if you make these tablets in some large amount and send them and I will send the money with my relatives. I made the tablets and sent them and after some time he did me phone call and told the effects of this medicine on the patients with very much clarity. I felt happy also and felt consoled also that in reality, the medicine where puts matchless effects in my own country over there in the foreign countries also, the power of it is getting accepted. This how, I am sending him the tablets up till now. Readers! I have presented the discussed tips in your service. Some more experiences of one more man are now being presented in your service. Then after this I will present my own personal experiences which are in reality very much surprising. Along with these experiences,I also got the wide experiences of this medicine from Hakeem Ahmed Saeed Sulemani (Suleman medicine shop Jahaniya, district of Khanewal) who is the son of famous Hakeem Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah sir, the one of Jahaniya and is a very much sincere and loving man. In sha Allah I will do give the observations of him also to the readers. How I got the tip from landlord? There is one place more forward from Sadiqabad as Sanjarpur, it is a small town. The big landlords near it are of tribe of Jhakrani. Those landlords are in actual the people who use to live in the Jhal Gali of Balochistan. The lands of them are here also. it got to know that he use to give one medicine. Which the patients of allergy, high blood pressure and warmth of Cyst use, most of the times. He used to give few intakes, completely free of cost. He did not use to take money from anyone but he used to give few intakes of the medicine and the patients used to become completely healthy with the mercy of the Almighty Allah. Many people did effort to get this tip but they all remained unsuccessful and he did not give tip to anyone. This incident was told to me by one Hakeem sir of Sanjar pur. I am sending all the things in his narration to you people. I went there one day; there was the gathering of people going on. The people of Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar, people of faraway places, people of near places met there and every single person told that he has come for the first time and before this some relative of them or friend has taken the medicine. They got the benefit that is why these have come. Then there were some people who came for second and third time even and they were in desire of more medicine. From morning till afternoon the patients kept on getting the medicine and to every patient the leader sir was giving the medicine himself and along with it he was saying this that I have made this tip with very much effort and price. The medicine is very precious therefore, do not waste it and people were giving the duas(Prayer) with very much sincerity. I got presented in the end and introduced myself. He did respect of me. When he asked the reason of my arrival so, I said that I want the tip. He said that it is impossible. I tried a lot but he did not get agree. At last I came back after getting disappointed but I did not become hopeless. Instead I remained in this tension. There was no limit of my happiness…!!! While thinking and pondering I thought one idea. It was this that I listened one time that whether the person is how much strict if you recite surah e Yaseen seven times every day and gift it to the soul of him and then do dua from the Almighty Allah so maximum in twenty one days, the Almighty Allah will solve the problem with the beatitude of this surah. Therefore, I did exactly like this and started reciting the surah and completed the surah e Yaseen till twenty-one days, meaning that I recited it every day seven times and gifted it to the soul of that leader and then did dua from the Almighty Allah. While, doing this I went again to his place and met again in the end. He did love more than before. He presented me the tea and biscuits and before even asking me the reason of coming, he picked up the paper and pen and wrote that tip and told that I was waiting for you from few days that somehow you may come and I may give you medicine meaning the tip after writing. There was no limit of my happiness and I became thankful to him. Then I made this tip myself and I myself had the pain of this disease and I started using it myself. In reality I got the benefit and the medicines of my doctor got finished. Then I started giving it to my patients of every day. In reality I got very best result in the following mentioned diseases. The old and untreatable patients of high blood pressure and the patients of allergy has of zakawat and warmth of Cyst and the patients of hotness also became healthy very much quickly. (It is continued)