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High Blood Pressure And The Gift of Medicine With Effect of Magic

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Phd America), The diagnosis of disease: In this regard, in life of observations, I remembered one incident \. One patient was very much worried due to the blisters of his mouth. He got his check up done by doctors and specialists but did not get benefit. At last one doctor expressed his fear that maybe it does not take the form of cancer. Well, the worried patient came to me. During the conversation, the patient told that there are blisters in my mouth from past many years and due to these blisters, eating and drinking also becomes difficult. I got many treatments of doctor, homeopathy and Greece done. I used the skin of Ispaghol very much, I used the cool foods, vegetables, and milk, yogurt, buttermilk also very much but the benefit did not happen. When I checked his pulse so, I felt that his pulse is not balanced and the pain of him is due to mucus and abundance of hormones. I did the treatment of it this that I made him use such medicine that from which the production of mucus may get finished. Readers! You do believe that the patient became all right because I totally refused him from eating milk, yogurt, the skin of Psyllium, very cold things and due to the completion of diagnosis of the patient, the patient became healthy. The main problem is the diagnosis of the disease. The patients keep on getting the treatment done for many years but those unblessed people remain involved in that disease but along with it, others also get started. The patient of high blood pressure and ulcer of stomach: I met one patient of high blood pressure. He said that after eating very much of medicines, the ulcer of stomach has got started. From when I have read the tip of Fashari and I started using it, I got the benefit from it that the ulcer of the stomach also got finished and the problem of high blood pressure also got solved with the command of the Almighty Allah. Readers! The tablets of Fashari, whose tip you would have read already, I have also tried it apart from the blood pressure for the following mentioned disease on countless patients. Not being able to sleep and such sleep in which the mind is waking and apparently the body is sleeping and when the patient gets wake up so the body is very tired and broken it feels like this that as if he did not sleep at all. Or the person has remained woken up the whole night. It is the desire of such people that someone may press them; the whole body of them is completely breaking. If such people use the Fashari with regularity so after sometime only, the sleep of comfort, the body becomes comfort and the activeness and firmness get produced in the health. Even this that, the patients have told themselves that, they have left eating the medicines of sleep, after the use of Fashari, meaning the medicine of blood pressure and instead such people who were habitual of eating the medicines of sleep, they have also given the very best results of it. The fire used to come out of the hands and feet: Such people who use to do the complain of this thing that the hands and feet of them get burned, instead the fire used to come out of the hands and feet. They use to walk on the wet grass also, early in the morning but the burning of feet gets finished for temporary time only and then get started again. On telling of few people they used the cool medicines of different kinds instead, they left the hot and spicy things at all but they got the benefit of temporary time only. Few did not even get the temporary benefit. When I gave the advice of using Fashari to such people, they started getting the benefit of very much surprise and they became completely all right. Some people were so much fed up due to their, this disease that they were not even able to wear the closed shoe. Even this that in the season of winter also, to wear the closed shoe for them, was a problem of their life and a tension. But when those people used the Fashari with regularity so slowly and gradually this disease became less and then got finished. Such people also gained this benefit from it in the Cyst of whom there was warmth. They had used countless syrup, tablets and powders and drinks but they did not get any benefit. The urine used to come with burning and yellow like turmeric powder, but the use Fashari made them careless from all the medicines and they removed the disease away from the medicine. Such young people which are involved in diseases of urine sontinuously, liver, warmth of Cyst and due to this warmth all the other problems, the clarity of which is not appropriate in these pages, when they used this medicine on regular basis so not only they got the aspect of life and comfort but most of them told this that this short and cheap medicine is heavy on many great and big medicines. The acidity of stomach, ulcer of stomach and the wound of intestines of abdominal cavity, the patients who had these, they used these tablets with very much comfort. (It is continued)