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The Devastated Health, Ugly Face And Ray of Health

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (PhD America), The face of him was shining. The forehead was shining. With every single part happiness was getting reflected and again and again by smiling, he kept on saying only one thing that today twelve years have been completed. I did not get that same pain ever again. Yes, it is like this that whenever I do the imagination of that pain so my forehead becomes wet from the sweat and the fear, burning and pain of that disease produces such condition that I start shivering but just in the next moment, my forehead bows with thankfulness. I have got fed up of doing prevention: my shalwar used to be full of blood all the time. To travel on seat, motorcycle and car was very much difficult for me. When I used to eat the things which cause constipation and which causes difficulty in digestion, that day used to be very much difficult and full of worry. Many people told me that get the operation done of these piles. I tried a lot to get safe from this operation but I was not able to get safe. I ate the medicines to get safe from the operation, I became fed up by doing so much prevention but helplessly I had to get the operation done. It was a very difficult and intense situation. I did prevention for some time. Yes, I got this benefit that I became completely healthy. I started eating and drinking everything, the flowing of blood, pain and burning after passing waste material, laziness of health went away and the betterment of the disease happened. On one night suddenly I again got the feeling if that same pain and got up with very much worry. Suddenly I got the complete feeling of that previous feeling. I started finding the medicine to finish the pain which I forgot after keeping it before very long time. On one side there was pain and on the other was the search of medicine. Then the effort was this also that I may safe my members of the house from the pain. Due to me the sleep of them may not get in problem. With very much difficulty I got the medicines of finishing the pain. I used them but did not get the benefit. The prick, pain and discomfort kept on getting increased. I went to one doctor in emergency. The pain of piles had made me uncomfortable. When this word came out of the mouth of doctor that after the operation, the medicine use to affect after very much long time so, my tension got increased more. Now again there were that same medicines, preventions and worry of my life. Do believe that I was fed up of my life. Was that the piles or any untreatable disease or a journey which was not able of doing? I used to do dua from the Almighty Allah by crying every day. Only one pao(250gm) of methray and my disease which was not able of getting treated: One day what happened that I met my one old friend who used to do the job in Saudi Arab from thirty-five years. After looking at my health, situation and discomfort he asked all the conditions. When I told him all of my pain so, he said that this is not any issue at all. I remained not believing on what he was saying like the past medicines. He went himself and brought one pao(250 gm) of methray (which are added in the pickles) and one pao(250 gm) of small cardamom from the shop of pinsari. He got both of them crushed together finely, kept it safe in a box and brought to me and said that on the basis of old friendship I may give you one gift. Do use it and get the cure in sha Allah. I started using one spoon of it at morning and one spoon of it at evening with not believing on it. After few intakes I felt like this that I am getting healthy in reality and I only used this medicine for two weeks and I felt like this that as if I never had the disease till today at all. There was no limit of my happiness. I was very much happy that day. I sacrificed one goat. I cooked the bet pulao myself. I ate that myself also and made my friends eat that too. Today that is why my face is shining and I am happy. Then I started giving this tip to other people who were worried like me. To whomever I used to give, he used to become healthy with the mercy of the Almighty Allah. The piles go away with their roots. Do believe that whether the piles are of blood or of something which is indigestible, dry or mookay, for all of these people started doing the verification. Whoever used to take used to give duas. Then the people started asking the tip from me. I said that I can make it and give, but I cannot give the tip. Now the situation came this that people used to come from very far places and apart from the piles, people started telling more benefits of it also which were not in my information. The pain of joints and the treatment of hepatitis: For example one man said that with this medicine, up till now twenty three patients of hepatitis have become cured which were untreatable even after spending millions of rupees and doing the course of injection also. The owner of one shop of steel, one sheikh sir was taking this medicine regularly from many years. I said that the patients of piles of yours have not got cured up till now. After smiling he said that Haji sir you do not know that there are many more other benefits of the medicine even. I give it to the hopeless patients of hepatitis. I have seen them becoming healthy in one month, two months or more than this and few of them in very less duration than this even. The patients of very much old pain of joints, not any single part of whose body was able to move, they became healthy. Common weakness of muscles, weakness of body, tension of muscles, tiredness, the pain of back of men and women, problems of disks and spinal cord became better in very much surprising way. Instead the weird thing is this that the valves of heart of many patients got opened and by counting, I have given this medicine to sixty three patients up till now. The one were not satisfied and hopeless with their married life, in them the young people and old people are both included, irregularity of days of women, for the diseases of leucorrhea and obesity, this tip is very much beneficial. it even removes the deficiency of sperms of producing children in men. The sheikh sir said all of these things in only one breath and I kept on staring at his face with shock that I have such a precious tip with me and I have no honor of it. The good news for the couples how have no children: I did a question with one officer who was retired that you take this medicine with very much long time. At last what do you do? He said that I am taking this medicine from past seven years from time t time. if the couples who have no children, men also and women too, may eat it till five months so, in sha Allah I bet that the son will be born. The pain of joints, weakness of muscles, whiteness of hair, sinus and flu, coming of many several sneezes every day, gas of stomach and burning, acidity, chronic constipation and dryness of intestines, for all of these I use to give one small spoon of it along with the hot milk or water at morning and evening. One patient use to bring the other patient. You do not hide the secrets of heart with the people therefore today I have come to you by doing such a long journey just to tell you this tip. Readers! That secret of heart which the Haji sir has told me by getting afraid and by hiding, I may give it to you. Do not forget to tell me the more benefits and results of it.