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The Lizard And The Treatment of Wonder By An Old Man Who Use to Call for Prayer

Every day Jahan Pakistan Lahore, Health and life, Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari (Ph.D. America), The disease of skin where take very much time in getting treated, over there the price is to be given in very much amount. The reason of it is the pollution and dust of the environment. As the skin is the external part of the body, that is why the pollution and especially the air pollution effects on it very much and very quickly. All the diseases which human beings have, they are all hidden but the disease of the skin is the only disease which can never remain to be hidden. Whether it is silent or any wound of skin or in the form of any acne or pimples. I did not get benefit from your medicine: One patient came to me. Both of his hands, feet, arms, thighs and face were rotten. The puss was flowing from them. The patient should me his skin by peeling it. He said that I got very much treatment done but did not get any benefit. I looked very carefully and gave the appropriate medicine for the disease. The patient went back after taking the medicine. After this he did not meet again. One day it happened like this that I was going to the market that one man got off from the rickshaw and met me. He said that did you recognize? I said that the face seems to be known. He said that I am that same patient whose hands and feet were rotten. Look, now I am completely healthy. But this benefit did not happen with your medicine. The oil pf baba g and the observations of it: In Mughal Pura, the man who used to call for prayer in one masjid use to give one oil. One known person of me used it for the daughter of his brother who had this same pain. The daughter of his brother became completely healthy. The baba g do not use to take the money, whoever do how much of the service, he accepts it. I used that same oil for twenty to twenty five days, I got very much benefit and right now I am completely clean and pure and fit. After listening to that patient I got very much surprised. I took the complete address of that baba from him. Time to time if any patient of that disease used to come to me, so I use to send him in the service of that baba and every time I used to get very much positive results and listen very much appreciating words. I send few people to take the tip but that baba made excuses. At last, servant in that area, I made that one friend stick to him that somehow I may get that tip. Now, how he got that tip, listen to that story as well. The interesting story of getting tip from the baba g: The friend said that every day I used to send any nicely cooked thing through the means of my servant or son, sometimes kheer, sometimes any juice and sometimes sweet meat. This series kept on going till many months. After one week or two weeks I used to go to meet the baba g but I never expressed to take that medicine, meaning the tip of oil. One time I was wearing the suit of Karandi. After looking at it the baba said that you have wore a very nice suit. What is the name of this cloth? I said that it is called as Karandi. I understood it and brought the suit of one thousand, two hundred and sixty rupees, got it stitched and gifted it to the baba g. The baba became very happy. One time the baba said that you have interest in the herbs. I have understood it. At last, I have not made my hair white in the sunshine. You want that same tip from me. Well, ok, I may tell it to you. Actually, there are many lizards in the masjid. I use to kill them. Take one pao(250 gm) of oil of mustard, add seven lizards in it and get it burned on low flame. When the lizards will get burned so stain the oil and make it safe. Just this is the oil to be used for every rotten thing and every kind of wound which is not to be cured from any medicine, gets completely cured from this oil. (In sha Allah) This tip was told to me by one Hindu Hakeem before the distribution of sub continent. From that day, I am using this tip. It is very much beneficial. You may also try to make it. I tried it on such dirty and rotten wounds even, the decisions to cut which were made already. I did not get hopeless instead my confidence got increased. Many people are using this oil for old itching and khanazeer and gultiyaa with very much trust. After the fracture of bone, the old injury which do not gets finished with any of the medicine, the matchless benefit happens by applying more fistula on the wound of the bhangdar. The condition is to try it.