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Use of coconut oil in cooking

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Use of coconut oil in cooking
Coconut oil has its own benefits in every way. Where dried coconuts are extremely beneficial for human health. There, its oil also benefits man internally and externally. Coconut oil has countless benefits. Here are some of them.

Used in food

Coconut oil is very useful in cooking as it provides healthy fats in food because its compounds don’t break down that is why food does not cause any harm. Coconut oil can also be used as a substitute for butter. Coconut oil can be confidently added to all dishes that use butter. For example, pie crust, brownies, any kind of sauces or everyday curries, etc. When you use coconut oil instead of butter in food, there is a slight change in the taste which is felt in the food but if the food is very spicy then this change of taste is not felt. It also helps control blood sugar levels and if you are keen to eat coconut oil on steamed vegetables then brush coconut oil on these steamed vegetables and use sea salt. It absorbs vitamins and minerals very well. Take the same weight of cocoa powder honey and coconut oil and mix well and then put it in the fridge. This way your chocolate can be made at home. Eating one tablespoon of coconut oil daily before meals strengthens our metabolic system and reduces frequent hunger pangs. Coconut oil keeps the body in balance and keeps the body's hormones in balance and away from diseases like thyroid. Coconut oil contains MCTs. It provides energy to the body for a long time and speeds up the metabolism system and through it, body fats start to decrease very quickly. A study has shown that coconut oil improves glucose levels in the body as well as lowers total cholesterol. People who use coconut oil in their diet have a faster brain function and they do their work with vigor and enthusiasm throughout the day.

First Aid

Coconut oil contains antiviral compounds that relieve sore throat and pain. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and massage this mixture well on the throat. It reduces sore throats. Put one or two cloves of garlic in a little coconut oil and warm it lightly and massage it around the ears this will eliminate ear infections and pain. Coconut oil reduces the effect of pimples and itching on the body and also reduces the effect of HIV. If any part of the body is burnt, applying coconut oil on it immediately gives relief. Coconut oil also covers the inside of the acid-damaged stomach and protects against ulcers. It also reduces fever. According to Ayurveda, coconut oil has been used since ancient times to reduce the severity of the fever. Coconut oil should be applied on the body part after bathing to remove the marks of injury as the pores of the body open during bathing thus the marks of injury gradually disappear.


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