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Quotes from the weekly lectures (Durs)

Ubqari Magazine - April 2021


Whenever his teacher saw him he said you are a pig!

Quotes from the weekly lectures (Durs)


His Sheikh (Spiritual Teacher) was angry all the time


A dervish used to visit our Hazrat (R.A) (spiritual teacher). He was a villager and completely illiterate. He said to Hazrat: whenever I used to visit my spiritual teacher (sheikh) he used to call me a pig, my spiritual teacher (sheikh) was angry & emotional all the time and he used to say to me: you are a pig.I used to stay quiet.


Working to turn from a pig to a human


The dervish said I couldn’t understand why my spiritual teacher called me a pig. Then after sometime I instinctively understood that he didn’t say it without purpose, it seems as if there is a pig in me. That is why I worked hard to change myself from a pig into a human. Because The Quran states not every human is a human. Translation: “They are animals in fact worse than animals”  and because the pig is among the worst of animals. Then that dervish said that I then started working hard on changing my inner self, changing my world, changing my source of income, changing my thoughts and changing my words. And he called me a pig less and less till a time came when he no longer called me a pig.


Sir you don’t call me a pig anymore?


That dervish said that for a long time he didn’t call me a pig so once I asked nervously: “Hazrat it’s been a long time since you called me a pig” Hazrat said: “It is because now the pig is not present within you”. There was another person who Hazrat used to call cacodemon, that person too didn’t understand. There was another person who Hazrat used to refer to as blind that: “you are blind” he too didn’t understand why he called him blind. That pious person said that because I understood I advised them to improve themselves. That is why whatever the saints say contains only goodness.


Whatever a Qalandar says is the truth!


Whatever a qalandar says is the truth, there is always a reason behind it, which we may not understand. I said to that person: understand what this saint is saying, you have definitely gone blind! He retorted: I am not blind I am alright, I said no! your heart is blind and the one whose heart is blind cannot see what should be seen but instead sees that which shouldn’t be seen.


People are amazed when I diagnose the disease by reading the pulse


Man lives with a view of only that which exists before death; repaying his debt, getting promoted, switching from a small car to a larger one, switching from a bike to a motorbike, from a small house to a bigger one, or if one doesn’t have a house then how to get one. His eyes are looking at all these things, and all these things are those which will be snatched away, which will be looted away, which will be sold. The belongings of even those who live in glass bungalows get sold. All these things are those which will be snatched and if that is all that you see then what are if not blind? Now if a doctor tells a patient that he has hepatitis will that patient get angry? No, he’ll not. In fact he’ll be grateful saying thanks I didn’t know about the disease. Some patients say that my disease was diagnosed by so & so doctor. I sometimes diagnose diseases by simply feeling the pulse and people are astonished. Today a person came and brought his medical records along, I said you can put the file aside I will tell you the disease. If I’m unable to diagnose & understand your situation then you can show me your file. So when, by Allah’s leave, I gave him some details he said: I have had tests done worth thousands of rupees, and only then were doctors able to diagnose me. But how did you do it?


Information about spiritual diseases

If a physical disease is diagnosed and the patient is informed he thanks the doctor but if the doctor informs the patient of any spiritual disease then the patient gets angry. What is the reason for this? The reason is that till today no patient ever thought about getting treated spiritually. The patient never thought of himself as spiritually diseased. If a patient does not understand his disease then how will he be able to get it treated? How can one get treated if one doesn't consider oneself a patient. Only when we accept ourselves as a patient will we be able to get treatment from a doctor. If any doctor tells a patient that they are suffering from a spiritual disease then other than anger what is the patient supposed to feel??? Whether he shows it or not, feelings of anger appear in the heart. (to be continued)



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Ramadan, Me & Tasbeeh Khana


Respected Hakeem Sahb Assalam u Alikum! Before the Ramzan of 2017 I had lost everything, everything had come to an end, I was enduring the slaps of circumstance. Someone told me about Tasbeeh khana, I read the magazine & came to know that there are arrangements for spending Ramzan over there. I was troubled. I took bedding along according to the weather and got there. Believe me, I begged Allah throughout Ramzan, did amaal, I’d never spent Ramzan like this my whole life nor had I heard it from anyone. When I picked up my bed to go home on Eid, it felt as if innumerable weights had been lifted from my shoulders, I was completely light. When I reached home the evil, fights & diseases, all ended in a few days. Tranquility came into life in such a way as if it was a dream, business started to boom. I’ve decided to spend the Ramzan of 2021 in Tasbeeh Khana too but this time there is only peace.



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