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Assalam Aleykum, Sloution for Every Problem

Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Chughtai Majzoobi editor of Ubqari. Spirit and soul: Asslam o Alaikum! Solution of every problem: Last days one worried man came to me and said that I am very worried. There was one time that the wealth of world, property, things, everything was with me. All the things got finished from me, the one who snatches, snatch them. For sure he snatched them, who give them? I did every kind of treatments and cures, went to different people but benefit was gained from nowhere. Someone told me about you that you tell something to read. Tell me that how may I come out of these financial crises and difficulties and conditions and poverty. The wazifa which I told him, readers I am telling you as well. Do try it and if you want the benefit forever so make it your partner dor whole life. If you want to do it for sometime so do it with regularity. Easy way of getting rid of difficulties: It is this: Do salam to such unworthy, people of no status from the point of view of world, partner, labor, poor, needy, un-naimed and people with no post and do it with so much respect that from how much respect you do it to a King. When you will do him salam with that much respect, the happy dua will come out from his heart because according to the society, it is the responsibility of him to do salam and to get salam done is the right of wealthy person. It is the responsibility of him to do salam only and when someone will do salam to him and will do it with honor and respect so one dua comes out of his heart. The answer of salam is apparently the answer but that dua reaches to the heights of the sky and it is that dua only which proves to be the key of ridden to your problems and difficulties and troubles. I explained this thing to him, he went. He came after sometime and said that I got help from such place, that my difficulties and problems got solved from where I did not even expected them and I think this that it is the result of dua or any poor and unworthy man which he returned to me in the answer of salam. Readers! I write the feelings of of my heart in this page of ubqari. I write the pains and sorrows of insight. You do try them for sure and surely you do try them. You try and that is why only I receive many countless posts of readers in the forms of observations and experiences. Obesity and success after my continuos experiments: Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai Editor of Ubqari: Obesity has taken the place of universal disease. Obesity is one disease from such few diseases which are sold in universal market that which medicine will give more money and from which medicine more property will be made. I was doing the research and observation on obesity and diseases which get produced from it, from long time with much focus. After this research, the result on which I reached and gathered the secrets of it from different experienced people, I am sending the research as secret in the service of you readers. Readers, I do try that whatever secrets and experiences I receive, I may not take them my grave but I may present all of them in your service. Only with this hope that the creature of Allah SWT may get benefit and it may be a sadqa e jariya. Come readers! Such secrets and tips which are not tried by one, not by ten, not by hundred but by countless people and how do I get these secrets, it is this how that when I tells a secrets of my heart to people and do not hug them and so then the people who hide their secrets till their generations, they by themselves give those secrets to me with very much sincerity or do write them in letters. Come let’s go through them! My research of many years: Obesity becomes the reason of many life threatening diseases. For getting rid of obesity and for remaining safe from the harms of it meaning blood pressure, heart attack, sugar, indigestion, constipation, acidity, here are easy suggestions. Many people are being listened and saying this that they may not have to do exercise, only with the medicine the weight shall get produced. Oh, we do not get time. Such friends should think this that the machine on which attention si not given and it is not being take care of, it becomes damaged before time. Just like this that if you will not put time on your health, you will not look after it, beautify it, so it is obvious that it will become bad just like a stubborn child. And if attention is not given on proper time and may god forbid, if you become sick so who will have to spend the time and money. Therefore just like you spend your time and money on your business and work, just like that give time to your body and soul so that you may make your religion and world better by remaining healthy and the dose of blessings may remain open on you. Obesity and it intense disadvantages: Only the people who see do not feel obesity bad instead it involves in many countless difficulties and diseases also. These days many new ways are coming in front in our country. People are trying to reduce their weight by spending thousands of rupees but on leaving the treatment the weight gets increased again or on keeping the treatment continued, other diseases starts getting produced, for example weakness, motions, paleness of color of face etc. apart from this the medicines which are used in these treatments and ways are harmful for liver and kidneys. For getting safe from obesity many people do not know that what they should do for it and if they know also so they do not adopt these solutions due to unnecessary busy schedule and this laziness makes them more obese and these people becomes involves in forever diseases like laziness, weakness, indigestion, sugar, blood pressure and heart attack. Modern medical has proved this thing that the immune system is less in fat people. Although the people with appropriate body are more healthy and fit and they complete their medical age in good condition, they remain safe from diseases and they not only remain beautiful but they are seem fresh and active. The metropoline insurance company of America did research on thousands of insured people that the base of long life and good health is on the weight of body of human being. The definition of obesity: According to the modern medical if the weight of any person is more than ten kilo grams than his age and height so this person will be called as fat. Production of obesity: The food which we eat contains mostly protein, carbo hydrates, fats, water and salts. Our stomach breaks this food into small little particles. This food goes in to intestines from the stomach and the carbo hydrates and fats starts getting chemically digested in the intestines. From the intestines these food particles goes in to the liver and over there the chemical digestion of them gets started meaning that the liver breaks the protein in to amino acid and changes the fat in to fatty acid, it breaks the carbo hydrates and changes it in to glucose and changes the extra glucose in to glycogen and makes it safe. Due to eating again and again and in weird times or due to any infection or dis functioning of liver the above mentioned activities gets affected meaning the access amount of fats o which the liver could not work keeps on adding in blood and these particles of fat keeps on gathering below the skin and keeps on making layers of fat and the obesity keeps on increasing. Reason: The most important and most common reasons of obesity are to eat at weird times, without any need and to eat again and again, not knowing the calories of different food, spending life of ease and comfort, not doing exercise, drinking a lot of water with food, sleeping just after eating, smoking and not giving attention on yourself etc. Note: One reason of obesity is a misbalance of different hormones also. The diagnosis of which can be done by an appropriate doctor through the test of those hormones. In our society the tradition of self diagnosis and self medication is increasing. The reason of which are not coming anything else then wastage of time and money and these people becomes involved in life threatening diseases of blood pressure, diseases of liver and kidney as their punishment. The obesity got away just like the thirst from water: One man was famous for the treatment of obesity. People used to come from far away to him to take medicines from him. Whoever used to take medicine, he used to have sure benefit. Even this that the condition came, now the medicine was not enough from him. Most of the people used to return. One open heart man said to him that I may make this treatment for you so that you may do complete service of people. But he refused to take help from him for this reason that it may not happen that this treatment comes in his hand but that man with pious heart was also sincere. He kept on following. At last he got that treatment completely and its exact form. He tried it and found it really beneficial. Then he gave this matchless gift to me. Today that gift is present in the service of you readers. The healing: The seeds of fenugreek (which is used in pickles), nigella sative, green tea, and skin of ispaghol. Take everything equally, do it fine and use half spoon of medicine four times in a day along with water till few months. This treatment was given to such people for using continuously which were completely untreatable and who used to do complete hatred with medicines. When they used this medicine so it proved to be matchless tonic for pain of joints, pain of body, obesity and weakness of body. Apart from this there were complete benefits of it in many more diseases which are as following. With this treatment piles got much benefit. Such patients who had piles, they got benefit after sometime. It is a very matchless thing for sines and flu.