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A Unique Student Who Became from Incompetent to Competent

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


A Unique Student Who Became from Incompetent to Competent
I had this problem since 1998 that on various parts of my body turquoise color would fall. Its sprinkles would be stains in the beginning, then I would start sweating. My ability to think would vanish. Sometimes this series would prolong and sometimes it would diminish. To get employment in DPS was a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Here one can work while staying in veil. Personnel sent by the commissioner had to come for observation. This day while going to the house from the school the turquoise color fell on me like rain. And it became impossible for me to walk straight. I could see that I would lose my job. A wise man asked me to wash this color while reciting the third testimony of faith. But I could not benefit from that even. Then Allah Almighty put it in my heart. I asked children to pray and asked them to pray especially for my plight. Astonishingly, I became absolutely fine.
How Did Poor Kaalu Become an Excellent Student?

I had to quit employment in 2013 at the school. Then in 2015, I got employment in my village. A newly built school has started there recently. They teach the syllabus of Oxford to the children of the village. And from the initial classes, children have a lot of academic load on them. Here in kindergarten class, all the children are such who have failed in other schools. In my class, there was such a student whose mother had been divorced. He is being brought up in his maternal grandparents’ house. He looks African by appearance. His real name is Abdul Rehman and everyone calls him Kaalu. Equivalent to not being intelligent. His IQ level was very low. I had no solution for him. I tried to tell spiritual acts to his family but I could not do so. Then I tried to ask him to eat 11 almonds in the morning. My headmistress said that they cannot even afford ordinary meals, where would they bring almonds from? Then Allah Almighty put it in my heart that I asked him to recite [رب ذدنی علما] i.e. the prayer for an increase in knowledge abundantly with Durood-Shareef at the beginning and the end. Whenever he would make mischief, I would ask him to recite this supplication abundantly. Slowly I felt that he had become capable of reading and writing. The biggest thing was that he would read in ecstasy. Everyone was anxious that how did this child start studying. His first teacher was anxious that he only used to draw circles on the paper. He was quite dumb. Now he is much better. This was a new experience for me. (Raheela Fatima, Gujranwala)

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